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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3 Scots Guards
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer:
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HOLLAND 1   Shelling still fairly heavy.
1   Left Flank in support of 2nd Battalion GORDONS occupied some more buildings unopposed in area 6512.
2   Recce Troop patrolled actively to the East of Left Flank position and to the South East of Right Flank position, where enemy company position equipped with light automatics was discovered in the peat bogs at 6508.
2   As a result of this a hurriedly laid on attack was launched by 2nd Battalion A.&S.H. supported by one troop ‘S’ Squadron.
2   The ground however proved to be entirely unsuitable, two tanks got bogged and smoke had to be put down to cover their debogging.
2   The Infantry mistook this for the prearranged signal to withdraw and since they were anyway held up by extremely heavy and accurate mortar fire they returned to Starting Point.
2   The tanks were thus left in the gathering dusk and the troop was attacked by about 30 German infantry.
2   Several of these were killed but in the action one of the bogged tanks had to be abandoned.
2   The remainder then withdrew after blowing up an enemy ammunition dump behind a peat bog.
2   It afterwards turned out that the enemy also withdrew after this action.
3   The bogged tank of ‘S’ Squadron was recovered undamaged without opposition.
3   Situation remained unchanged.
3   Shelling much reduced.
3   Enemy apparently falling back.
4   The Battalion moved into billets in HELMOND 5522 for maintenance and refitting, arriving in HELMOND 1000 hours. Appendix A.
4   The Commanding Officer held a Conference at 1100 hours.
4   Priorities of occupation were to be maintained, baths and rest.
5   A Church Service was held at 0900 hours.
5   The remainder of the day was spent in maintenance and baths.
6   The day was spend in maintenance.
7   The day was spend in maintenance.
8   Commanding Officer’s Drill Parade 0930 hours. Appendix B.
8   Day spent in maintenance and recreation.
8   An Operational role was allotted in support of 6th R.S.F. at 6809.
8   One squadron to be at one hour’s notice.
8   Commanding Officer visited 6th Battalion R.S.F. for purpose of tying up the detail
9   A Crew Commander’s course was started within the Battalion.
9   Remainder of the Battalion was employed in maintenance and recreation.
10   Day spent in maintenance and recreation.
11   Commanding Officer’s Drill Parade 0900 hours.
11   Remainder of day spent in maintenance and recreation.
12   A combined denominations Church Parade was held at 0930 hours.
12   Remainder of day spent in recreation.
13   Subaltern Officers’ Map Reading Course.
13   Maintenance and recreation.
13   Commanding Officer and Adjutant to 227 (H) BRIGADE to discuss an Operation to be known as “NUTCRACKER”, with the object of clearing the large enemy pocket West of the MAAS, with a preliminary Operation to clear MEIJEL.
13   Captain P.E.G. BALFOUR to be Adjutant vice Captain V.F. ERSKINE CRUM.
14   Commanding Officer to 227 (H) BRIGADE to discuss “NUTCRACKER”.
14   Maintenance.
15   Commanding Officer to 227 (H) BRIGADE to discuss “NUTCRACKER”.
15   Maintenance.
16   Commanding Officer and Officer Commanding Recce Troop carried out recces in now occupied MEIJEL area.
17   Commanding Officer to 227 (H) BRIGADE to discuss “NUTCRACKER”.
17   Squadron Leader Right Flank to 44 (L) BRIGADE to discuss further phase of Operation “NUTCRACKER”.
18   Recce Troop commenced clearing minefields in MEIJEL to provide suitable tank FUPs.
18   Unit came under command of 227 (H) BRIGADE and ceased to be at call of 6th Battalion R.S.F.
18   'C’ Squadron W. DRAGOONS and 146 Anti-Tank Battery ROYAL ARTILLERY put under command 3rd Tank Battalion SCOTS GUARDS.
18   During the night patrols of 10th Battalion H.L.I. accompanied by Recce Officers ‘S’ Squadron and Left Flank went out to determine the tank going between MEIJEL 7007 and the Canal De Deurne between 7206 and 7205.
18   They saw slight signs of enemy activity at 721069 and reported the going to be good.
19   Voluntary Church Parade 0930 hours.
19   Day spent in maintenance.
19   Captain R.C.G. PEMBER blown up on a mine in MEIJEL 7007 while in a Scout Car on recce to fin a bridge over the Canal de Derivation.
19   At 1700 hours orders were received from 6 GUARDS TANK BRIGADE to move next morning to BERINGE 740060.
19   A bomb which fell on Left Flank billets caused some casualties.
20   F1 and F2 moved to BERINGE leaving HELMOND at 0700 hours.
20   'A’ Echelon moved to HEUSDEN 6311.
20   A tank FUP was recced by Second-in-Command at 745065 in which the Battalion was formed up with under command ‘C’ Squadron W. DRAGOONS, 146 Anti-Tank Battery ROYAL ARTILLERY and one troop AVRE.
20   Two CHURCHILL Bridge layers were also under command.
20   The FUP was covered by two patrols of the Recce Troop and was shelled intermittently by an SP gun causing one casualty.
20   At 1115 hours Left Flank in support of 2nd Battalion GORDONS moved up alongside the road to 758078 where they came under heavy mortar and spandau fire from the houses immediately to their front and the surrounding woods.
20   As the infantry were held up, Left Flank moved forward into the houses, destroying them by gunfire, silencing the spandaus and killed approximately 20 and taking 46 German Prisoners in the process.
20   During this time an S.P. gun, believed to be a 75 mm opened fire from the woods at approximately 775090 on the right flank followed by another on their left flank.
20   Both were concealed in the woods and before being forced to withdraw knocked out the Tank Commander by Lieutenant J. WILSON, killing him and wounding two of his crew; two other CHURCHILLS being hit but not damaged.
20   Lieutenant I.L. THORPE was severely wounded by small arms fire in this action.
20   Left Flank withdrew to forward rally after dark to 748082.
20   S’ Squadron in support of 2nd Battalion A.&S.H. harboured in the wood at 761078 while Battalion H.Q. and Right Flank remained in the North of BERINGE at 752070.
20   At this time each squadron had under command one troop of FLAILS from W. DRAGOONS and one troop S.P.s from 146 Anti-Tank Battery ROYAL ARTILLERY.
20   Troop AVREs remained with Battalion H.Q.
20   During the course of the afternoon Right Flank moved to 742071 in support of 44 (L) BRIGADE, but though they made no contact with the enemy one tank was lost on a mine.
20   Recce Troop made various patrols to 752088 and the edge of the woods just to the North.
20   From these patrols one tank did not return.
21   Left Flank in support of 2nd Battalion GORDONS moved North WE up the road from BERINGE - SEVENUM 818140 starting at first light.
21   Though no contact was made the bridge over the Canal at 783806 was blown.
21   2nd Battalion GORDONS and Left Flank crossed this with the assistance of a CHURCHILL Bridgelayer and an AVRE bridge.
21   They formed a bridgehead on the Northern bank and came under considerable shell, mortar and Nebelwerfer fire.
21   A Patrol of the Recce Troop was sent to recce VORST 819123 but met mines at 787109 where one tank was lost with casualties, but the other successfully completed its mission and returned.
21   As the approaches to the bridges were so bad it was decided to pass no-one else across the bridge that night.
21   Final positions were Left Flank 783108, ‘S’ Squadron 779102, Right Flank 745065, Battalion H.Q. 779100.
21   Heavy rain all day.
22   At first light BROEK 806113, VORST 819123 and ACHTERSTE STEEG 804125 were reported clear by 15 (S) DIVISION Recce.
22   Before dawn the bridgelayers lifted the bridges and moved them a few yards so that the approaches were undamaged.
22   Right Flank in support of 10th Battalion H.L.I. moved forward at about 0900 hours and by 1200 hours had occupied SEVENUM 818140 without opposition covered by Left Flank from the North edge of the Wood 795135.
22   Final dispositions were Right Flank 810131, ‘S’ Squadron 804124, Left Flank 806132, Battalion H.Q. 815136.
22   There was a sharp period of shelling round Battalion H.Q. at 2100 hours.
22   Heavy rain all day.
23   Battalion H.Q. shelled at 815136 at about 0730 hours.
23   15 (S) DIVISION Recce reported that HORST 830185 was clear of enemy and Right Flank starting at 0900 hours reached HORST opposition, being vociferously received by the inhabitants and taking 5 Prisoners.
23   No further incident took place that day though there was considerable shell fire in the area of Battalion H.Q. at about 1900 hours.
23   Great difficulty was experienced on this and previous days in bringing up F2 Echelon owing to the bad state of the read between BERINGE - SEVENUM.
23   Final dispositions, Right Flank 830185, ‘S’ Squadron 828180, Left Flank 818167, Battalion H.Q. 826183.
23   Heavy rain all day.
24   Battalion remained in previous positions in HORST.
24   Contact was made to the West with patrols of 11 ARMOURED DIVISION, and ROYAL ENGINEERS constructed a bridge over the Canals at 829189 and 832203.
24   Orders were given by 227 (H) BRIGADE for an advance on the following day to TIENRAIJ 858231.
25   ARVs of H.Q. and Left Flank under the command of TA cleared obstructions from the road at 832203.
25   At 0900 hours Right Flank in support of 10th Battalion H.L.I. occupied EIKELENBOSCH 850207 without opposition.
25   S’ Squadron supporting 2nd Battalion A.&S.H. moved into an FUP at 834804 where they were sharply shelled.
25   They then moved forward and by 1200 hours had occupied TIENRAIJ without opposition, amid heavy shelling.
25   Left Flank and 2nd Battalion GORDONS then moved through TIENRAIJ and occupied SWOLIGEN 875227, this Operation being completed by 1600 hours.
25   Final dispositions Battalion H.Q. 830198, Right Flank 843212, ‘S’ Squadron 856228, Left Flank 862238.
25   Night patrols were made by Recce Officers ‘S’ Squadron and Right Flank to determine the tank going towards BLITTERSWIJK 870270.
26   After a night of heavy but intermittent shelling, Left Flank were very heavily shelled at 0800 hours, which resulted in the death of Lieutenant H.W.S. MARSHALL and two of his crew, two more being wounded.
26   At about 1000 hours Right Flank in support of 10th Battalion H.L.I. moved up towards BLITTERSWIJK.
26   Right Flank were unable to advance to the village itself owing to an obstacle at 868259.
26   Some opposition in the shape of a spandau and faustpatronen was found here but was quickly silenced by fire from the tanks.
26   Two Troops of Left Flank under the command of the Squadron Leader assisted 2nd Battalion GORDONS into BROEKHUIZEN 906222 without opposition though they encountered a number of minefields.
26   'S’ Squadron was put under command 46 (H) BRIGADE to assist in an Operation to clear LOTTUM 897191 but were not used
27   Squadrons located as follows: Battalion H.Q. 826182, Right Flank 830185, ‘S’ Squadron 828180, Left Flank 843213.
27   'S’ Squadron was put under command 46 (H) BRIGADE to assist in an Operation to clear up LOTTUM 897191 but were not used.
28   One Troop of Left Flank and the Squadron Leader moved forward to 900220 to support 2nd Battalion GORDSON into KASTEEL and to demolish booby trapped houses in BROEKHUIZEN.
28   In this they were entirely successful, 5 Prisoners of War including an Officer being taken, and at least 5 other Germans killed though heavy and consistent shell fire was encountered from the East bank of River MAAS.
28   During the nigh the R.S.M. was blown up on a mine in a Scout Car but was uninjured.
29   Battalion was released from 15 (S) DIVISION and came under command 6 GUARDS TANK BRIGADE.
29   At 1300 hours Battalion moved back into billets in HELMOND.
29   Commanding Officer and 10 Officers attended a farewell address by Commander 8 CORPS at 1415 hours.
30   Day spent in maintenance and baths.
30   Battalion was visited at 1500 hours by Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force, accompanied by Commander SECOND BRITISH ARMY, and Colonel. J. GAULT, SCOTS GUARDS.

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Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.