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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3 Scots Guards
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer:
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
FRANCE 1   Battalion remained in harbour area near LES LOGES, at short notice to go out in counter-attack role if required.
1   A 25-pounder shell from our own guns firing from the field behind exploded in a tree in S Squadron area, causing three fatal casualties.
1   The remaining Troop (No. 10) of S Squadron was withdrawn to the BRIGADE Adm area to reform with the rest of S Squadron.
1   The Battalion started to operate on a two Squadron basis.
2   Tank squadrons moved into position about 1/2 mile North of LES LOGES to be ready to repel counter-attack if required.
2   This proved unnecessary, and they withdrew to harbour at 2200 hours.
3   The morning was spent in rest and the planning of a further move forward.
3   At 1500 hours the Battalion picked up personnel of 2 GLAS H. and 10 H.L.I. on tanks and lorries and moved them to Point 244 6947 (RF and 2 GLAS. H.) and Point 238 6848 (LF and 10 H.L.I.) and there took up positions covering the Infantry with the object of protecting the left flank of the drive Southwards of the Armoured Divisions, and making a firm base.
3   Point 244 was shelled during the night.
3   Battalion H.Q. was set up at LA MANCELLIERE 6849 near 227(H) BRIGADE H.Q.
4   Battalion remained in positions taken up the previous day without incident.
5   Battalion moved to position area MONTCHARIVEL 7442.
5   Deploying on either side of the road running West-East through MONTCHARIVEL, squadrons in support of their respective battalions reached the area LA BRUYERE 7642 without opposition, and here they harboured for the night.
6   Right Flank in support of 2A.&S.H. and Left Flank in support of 10 H.L.I. continued the advance Southwards at 0900 hours with the object of capturing CANTELOUP 7835 and LE THEIL 7635 respectively.
6   Unexpectedly, extremely strong opposition was met, and by 2200 hours Right Flank had withdrawn to harbour area 762397 and Left Flank was in position with 10 H.L.I. just North of the Crossroads in ESTRY 7437 and in very close proximity to the strong enemy position in ESTRY.
6   An account of this days action is attached, marked Appendix K2. Appendix K2.
6   Lieutenant D.L. BANKES was appointed Recce Officer of Right Flank and,
6   Lieutenant J.M. GOW came up from 261 Forward Delivery Squadron R.A.C. to command Battalion H.Q. Tanks.
7   Tank Squadrons remained behind the infantry battalions they were supporting.
7   In the afternoon, Left Flank returned to the Right Flank area, and at night they were brought right back to Battalion H.Q., North of MONTCHARIVEL.
8   Right Flank was withdrawn to the Battalion area during the morning, and the afternoon was spent in resting, having baths and doing maintenance.
8   During the afternoon S Squadron rejoined, having reformed under Major C. OM. FARRELL.
9   Battalion remained in same area, still under command of 227 (H) BRIGADE, and at notice to move forward if required.
10   Battalion left 227(H) BRIGADE, with whom they have been so far, and moved to the area 705279, where they came under command of 32 GUARDS BRIGADE.
10   The afternoon and evening was spent in recce by Commanding Officer and Squadron Leaders for an attack next day.
10   During the move of the tanks a British 4-engined bomber bombed the column in the area of CATHCOLLES 7043.
10   No damage was caused, and the only casualty was Major The Earl CATHCARTH, who dislocated his shoulder. (He returned to the Battalion within a week).
11   Reveille 0100 hours.
11   'F Echelon moved off at 0300 hours at 1 mile per hour, to obtain surprise, to an FUP for the battle of CHENEDOLLE.
11   A full account of this battle is attached, marked Appendix K3. Appendix K3.
11   During the night two Scout Cars, moving up from PRESLES, were knocked out by shellfire and two men killed.
12   Battalion remained in position just North of LE BAS PERRIER all day, ready to move in case of counter-attack.
12   The only excitement was at 1800 hours, when four THUNDERBOLTS bombed the Battalion.
12   One bomb landed in the middle of Right Flank tanks, but failed to explode.
12   No casualties were caused.
13   One of the PANTHERS knocked out by S Squadron during the battle two days before was found to be in running order and driven back to the Battalion area.
13   Here it was examined by the tank crews.
13   When an effort was made to take it further back, however, it caught fire and was abandoned.
13   The Battalion was visited by Major-General A. ADAIR, G.O.C. GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION, in the morning.
13   Half-an-hour after he left the Battalion was ordered to move to 3 BRITISH INFANTRY DIVISION.
13   Starting at 1330 hours, they moved to the area of ROULLOURS 6830, arriving there at 1900 hours.
13   Here the Battalion came under command of 185 BRIGADE.
13   'A Echelon joined the Battalion.
14   Right Flank moved off at 0630 hours to support 2 K.S.L.I. and remained in position at 688295 ready to attack with them if required.
15   All quiet.
15   Church Services.
16   The BRIGADE Commander visited the Battalion
17   Right Flank was withdrawn to main Battalion area at ROULLOURS.
18   A party of men went to LE BENY BOCAGE to swim, and another to a Concert Party at which George FORMBY starred.
18   Brigadier G.F. JOHNSON and Major P.S. FOTHERINGHAM came to dinner.
19   Battalion left 185 BRIGADE and moved forward nearer 6 GUARDS TANK BRIGADE H.Q. - to 713268.
19   On the way all vehicles moved over a CHURCHILL bridgelayer for practice.
19   The sad news of the death of Brigadier Sir W. de S. BARTTELOT, Bt., in his Scout Car which was blown up on a mine, was received.
19   Major the Honourable M. FITZALAN HOWARD left the Battalion on appointment as Brigade Major, 32 GUARDS BRIGADE.
19   Major J.P. MANN to command Left Flank.
19   Soft rations were issued for the first time since landing.
20-21   Nothing to report.
23   The Battalion moved to the area of TINCHEBRAY, for training in Tank/Infantry Co-operation with 185 BRIGADE of 3 BRITISH INFANTRY DIVISION.
23   Battalion H.Q. was established near 185 BRIGADE H.Q. at 758236 and the tank squadrons went to areas near their respective infantry battalions - Right Flank with 2 K.S.L.I., S Squadron with 2 WARWICK and Left Flank with 1 NORFOLK.
23   The Commanding Officer attended a Conference at 8 CORPS H.Q. to discuss a new style of infantry and tank co-operation as practiced by the Canadians.
23   Brigadier W.D.C. GREENACRE M.V.O. visited the Battalion.
24   The Major-General commanding BRIGADE OF GUARDS visited the Battalion.
25   An int patrol was sent to search an area of the FALAISE - ARGENTAN gap, but found nothing of importance.
26-28   Nothing to report.
29   Lieutenant-General Sir Richard N. OCONNOR, K.C.B., D.S.O., M.C. visited the Battalion and stayed to lunch.
30   Parties from the Battalion went to two ENSA Concerts at FLERS.
31   Nothing to report.

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