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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 Coldstream Guards
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer:
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
CORBIE to NORTH of ARRAS. 1   Advance resumed to ARRAS. Appendix A & Appendix B
1   Harboured on high ground NORTH of ARRAS. 3705, Sheet 73, 1:500,000 France & Belgium.
VITRY AIRFIELD near DOUAI. 2   Battalion did a short move to VITRY airfield near DOUAI and spent the day maintaining.
2   In the evening the C.O. gave out orders. Appendix C
2   Field Returns issued. Appendix D
BRUSSELS 3   Battalion started 0700 hrs. Some resistance was met on route which caused delay. BRUSSELS was reached after dusk. Scenes of great enthusiasm. Battalion harboured in centre of the town. 3 dropped off to bring in Echelons.
4   Moved to cleaner part of town. Battalion HQ in Kockelburg Brewery.
5   Moved to stadium near scene of former BRUSSELS Exhibition. Sent No. 1 Squadron to 5th Battalion and Recce patrols to watch NORTH of BRUSSELS.
TESSENDERLOO. 6   Advance resumed to ALBERT CANAL. Left at 0800 hrs and at 1430 arrived at TESSENDERLOO a few miles short of it waited there till a bridge was made at BEERINGEN by the 32' BRIGADE Group. GRENADIER GUARDS Group joined from LOUVAIN, which they had taken the day before.
PAEL. 7   Battalion was sent SOUTH to high ground SOUTH of DIEST to prepare for a threat from the SOUTH as a result of AMERICAN pressure in LIEGE Sector. At dusk moved to a leaguer area near PAEL.
SOUTH of BEVERLOO. 8   No. 3 Squadron went across ALBERT CANAL at 0600 hrs with 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS. No. 2 Squadron followed shortly after. Objective BOURG LEOPOLD. Battalion HQ and No. 1 Squadron followed about 0930. Opposition at KLEINE HEIDE pit area and BEVERLOO. Soft ground at either side made deployment difficult. Battalion HQ established first opposite colliery and then just SOUTH of BEVERLOO.
8   No. 3 Squadron turned right to watch BOURG LEOPOLD. HEPPEN cleared No. 2 Squadron drove in and lost one tank to a Panther. Rest of Squadron pulled out again and returned to HQ. No. 1 and No. 2 Squadrons stayed forward.
8   Captain A.V. PRIESTLY injured foot in power traverse. Some shelling during night, which wounded Major The Hon. C.M.K. ST. CLAIR, Lts. M. BODLEY and M. LOCK.
HARBOURED AT STAAL. 9   0845 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS attacked HEPPEN. No. 2 Squadron followed then Nos. 1 and 3 Squadrons, temporarily amalgamated under Major ALLSOPP. Village cleared but one or two enemy tanks remained about. Enemy attack SOUTH (an attempt to recapture the bridge) was met by BRIGADE HQ F2 Echelons and 8th ARMOURED BRIGADE (one Troop Lt. P.W. LOYD sent out to help). This was broken up. A group of 2 Companies from 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS and No. 2 Squadron (Major the Hon. G.W.ff. DAWNAY) under Major ANSTRUSTHER-GRAY MC MP now Second-in-Command took up defensive position in HEPPEN. An attack from BOURG LEOPOLD threatened in the afternoon but did not develop. In the evening moved to STAAL to harbour.
9   Field Returns issued. Appendix E
HARBOURED NEAR LOCHT. 10   Advance to MEUSE-ESCAUT Canal GRENADIER GUARDS Group leading on left. Still grouped with 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS. 32nd BRIGADE (WELSH GUARDS and IRISH GUARDS Groups) on right. BOURG LEOPOLD and HECHTEL being still strongly held, had to advance across country between them VLASMER and country to WEST of road. HECHTEL bridge cleared by GRENADIER GUARDS Group. IRISH GUARDS Group who had been held up by bogs came round on to our Centre Line, passed through us at LOCHT. They advanced through EXEL and captured one of about the only two remaining bridges at 2100 hrs. Harboured in heath country near LOCHT. No. 3 Squadron ordered to form road block just NORTH of HECHTEL. No. 1 Squadron (Captain J. DARELL) with 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS out watching in direction of BOURG LEOPOLD.
11   0600 hrs moved on 2 miles up to bridge. No. 3 Squadron sent up to bridge area.
11   C.O's appreciation to All Ranks. Appendix F
12   Remained same area all day.
13   No change.
14   No change.
15   No change.
15   C.O's Orders issued. Appendix G
16   No change.
16   Battalion prepare for advance on Operation 'GARDEN'.
16   Field Returns issued. Appendix H
17   Operation 'GARDEN' commenced. Battalion prepared to move but was ordered to remain in some area till next day.
SOUTH of AALST. 4213 Sheet 2a & 3a, NORTH WEST EUR 18   Battalion moved out under Command 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS as a Regimental Group in 32nd GUARDS BRIGADE and crossed ESCAUT CANAL harbouring in area SOUTH AALST.
OVERASSELT 19   Advance continued. Battalion harbouring in area of OVERASSELT at 6654 SOUTH WEST of NIJMEGEN Sheet 2a & 3a NORTH WEST EUROPE, 1:250,000.
NORTH WEST OF GROESBEEK 20   Regimental Group put under Command General GAVIN 83rd U.S. AIRBORNE DIVISION and moved to area 7456, NORTH WEST of GROESBEEK. No. 3 Squadron was ordered to defend HEUMEN bridge in support of a company of 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS. The Squadron counter attacked and with U.S. forces cleared MOOK. No. 1 Squadron supported U.S. forces on WYLER.
20   Operational Instructions from General GAVIN Appendix I
NORTH WEST of GROESBEEK. 21   No change.
21   No. 1 Squadron patrolled to WYLER shooting at enemy in village. Later No. 1 Squadron was withdrawn and patrols of Recce Troop covered the village.
NEAR ZEELAND. 22   The Regimental Group taken out of Command of 83rd US AIRBORNE DIVISION sent SOUTH to clear Div Centre Line at 1700 hrs, harbouring near ZEELAND at 5745. A Troop of No. 2 Squadron was sent under command of No. 2 Coy 5th COLDSTREAM GAURDS to hold OSS 4754.
EAST of UDEN. 23   Battalion less one Troop continued move SOUTH with 2 companies of 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS attacking VOLKEL under Command 101' US AIRBORNE DIVISION. Battalion harboured area EAST of UDEN at 5541.
23   Field Returns issued. Appendix J
24   No. 1 Squadron patrolled SOUTH to cover BOEKEL.
25   Battalion moved out at 1015 hrs to cover GRAVE bridge from WEST. Order of March No. 1 Squadron, No. 2 Squadron, HQ Squadron, 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS Fl Echelon, No. 3 Squadron.
25   Recce Troop moved in front of Battalion. No. 1 Squadron covered the road EAST from HEESCH 4851. No. 2 Squadron moved to OSS. No. 3 Squadron in reserve, area 5851 with Battalion HQ. Enemy elements were driven out of OSS. Enemy in HEESCH were engaged. No. 1 Squadron withdrew to Battalion area at night.
26   No. 3 Squadron sent to reinforce No. 2 Squadron at OSS. No. 1 Squadron covered
HEESCH. Two Prisoners of War taken in OSS. No. 1 Squadron withdrew at night.
26   Letter from Commander, 30 CORPS. Appendix K
27   2 Troops of No. 1 Squadron plus patrols of Recce Troop were sent to clear woods on both sides of HEESECH road, areas 49 to 53 Easting 50 to 51 Northing. No enemy encountered.
28   No change.
No. 3 Squadron took two Prisoners of War. No. 1 Squadron with 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS.
28   Letter from Commander GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION. Appendix L
29   No. change.
No. 2 Squadron took three Prisoners of War.
29   Letter from Army Commander. Appendix M
30   A patrol of a Troop of No. 2 Squadron plus Recce Troop plus a platoon of Infantry raided GEFFEN 4352, killing 12 enemy and taking 4 Prisoners of War. Battalion concentrated and moved at short notice at 1730 hrs to area HATERT 6958 and came with 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS under Command 83rd US AIRBORNE DIVISION. Held as mobile reserve against threat from EAST. Shells landed in Battalion area during the night. 2 Other Ranks Killed and 1 Wounded. The T.A. Capt. GULL was wounded.
30   Field Returns issued. Appendix N

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