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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 90 HAA Regiment RA.
Month and Year: May 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. A.J.W. Haxworth, OBE
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
WANSFORD 1 0900 285 Bty left for Ground Shooting Ex at OTTERBURN, Northumberland.
2   CO attended conference at Bde HQ. Subject Standing Orders.
3   Inst received from MC for move to Conc Area Appx F.
4 0930 Advance Party under 2IC left for Concentration Area.
WEYBRIDGE 5 0830 Regt less 285 Bty left for Concentration Area. Arr WEYBRIDGE area 1800 hrs.
7   285 Bty left OTTERBURN for Concentration Area.
8   275920 Cfn Leyden, P.P. missing believed drowned in R. Thames at PENTON HOOK, MR 114/4888.
9 1430 Court of Inquiry held on 275920 Cfn Leyden, P.P.
10   285 Bty arrived Concentration Area.
13   Bde Comd visited Regt.
Body of 275920 Cfn Leyden P.P. recovered.
14   Lt. D. Roome, RA (193113), Lt. S.A. Moore, RA (170823), Lt. L.C. Davidson, RA (296727) posted to 211 RA Trg Regt (HAA) Mobile.
15   Maj. W.T. Scowen, RA (161589) posted to 103 HAA Regt RA as 2IC. First reinforcements and surplus personnel posted to 105 Rft Gp, BORDON.
16   Cornelius. Warning Date Waterproofing plans reconsidered and brought up to date.
WEYBRIDGE 17   Stage 'A' of Waterproofing begun.
18   Capt A.J. Forrest, RA (155223) posted in from 107 HAA Regt, RA and assumed comd of 272 Bty.
Capt L.F. Catch, RA (229664) popsted in from 151 AAOR as Tp Comd 285 Bty.
Coroner's inquest on 275920 Cfn Leyden, P.P. at Hanworth Rd, Police Station, FELTHAM, Middx. Verdict: Death due to asphyxia from drowning accidental.
19   Body of 275920 Cfn Leyden, P.P. despatched to next-of-kin at BELFAST.
21   Lt. C. Tuppen, RA (219609) and Lt. J.P. Hall, RA (232315) posted to Glider Pilots Depot, LARKHILL.
Travel ban imposed on all ranks radius of travel limited to 25 miles.
22   Capt L.R. Frost, RA (194353) relinquished rank of Temp Capt and appointment of Adjt.
Lt T.R. Gainsford, RA (228949) and OsFC returned from COXE, Westward Ho having completed waterproofing trials and wading. (Radar AA No.1 Mk.II)
22 1730 BRA, Second Army and Bde Comd arrived.
22 1800 BRA addressed Offrs, WO's and Sjts.
23 0900 Bde Comd addressed all ranks.
T/Capt W.N. Marshall, RA (93346) appointed Adjt.
Capt J.C. Holt, RA (259055) and OsFC departed for LARKHILL for Ex Glenmore. Experimental Mortar Detection with Radar AA No.3 (Mk II).
WEYBRIDGE 25   Doubtful if waterproofing can be completed in time, i.e. by 0900 hrs, 28 May, chiefly due to shortage of materials. Appx 'A'.
26   Capt J.C. Holt, RA (259055) and OsFC returned from Ex Glenmore 1723025 Gnr. Roberts, W.H., 284 Bty attended inquest at KETTERING Polce Station (Traffic Accident).
26   Waterproofing still delayed. Appx 'B'.
27   Waterproofing still delayed. Appx 'C'.
27   Ex for C.O. in CAMBRIDGE area. (Exercise Breaker III)
28 0700 Internal line communications out in many places F.S.P. advised and full investigation held.
28 2230 Waterproofing completed. Appx 'D' Appx 'E'
30   Lieut. E.N. Rudland, RA (186752) admitted to Connaught Mil Hosp.
31   Lieut. K.A. Bull, RA (186600) posted to 30 R.H.U.

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Source: Robert Clark, Researching WW2, transcribing: Jeroen Koppes.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.