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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 83 Field Regiment
Month and Year: July 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. R.E.H. Hudson
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
FIELD 2   1000 Regiment moves South to 900688 in support 158 Brigade taking over from Brigade 15th Scottish Division. Gun area taken over from 131 Field Regiment RA.
2-10   Regiment supported 158 Brigade with observation, DF and HF Fire on Brigade Front.
10 0500 Regiment supported 43 Division in Operation Jupiter. Captured area BARON Point 112, and 70 countour and junction with River Orne 9962.
16   Regiment supported attack of 15th Scottish Division with 158 Infantry Brigade under command in Operation Greenline to capture line of Road BOUGY 9160 EVRECY 9259 and MAIZET 8961. Also in support of attack 59th Division Operation Pomegranite to capture general line ETREGY 8464 LANDELLE 8662 NOYERS 8862 MISSY 8961. Lance Bombadier V Rose died of internal haemorrhage and Gunner FA Blackley killed by mortar splinter at 4 RWF Battalion HQ.
16 1630 Regiment in action at 9165 supported attack by 7 RWF on EVRECY 9259 at 2330 hours.
17   Regiment supported attack by 6 RWF on EVRECY. Objective reached but had to withdraw. Some casualties.
17-23 1800 Regiment fired 19,598 rounds HE 25 pounder.
18 0030 Captain Whaley killed in action by enemy shell.
18 0045 Sergeant Bell killed in action on gun position.
20   Captain RE Winder (186 785)injured in action by mortar splinter whilst at the observation post.
21 1450 - 2330 Enemy counter attacked on 1/5th Welch position on left of EVRECY front. Casualties with our own troops (including prisoners) Counter attack finally dispersed by own arty fire.
22   43 Div on our left, supported by three Divisional arties with this Regiment attackeked and captured MALTOT.
24   Regiment moved to area MOUEN square 9465 when 158 Brtigade took over front reorganized by 43rd Division MALTOT ETTERVILLE CHAUTEAU DE FONTAINE.
29 2130 Regiment supported small attack of 2nd Mons (160 Brigade) on EVRECY. Seventeen prisoners taken. Successful attack. Sergeant EJ Couch, Lance Bombadier AW Gibson, Gunner LJ Shreeves wounded in action. Admitted to 202 Field Ambulance.

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Source: ww2talk.com: War Diary: 83rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.