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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 96 Company, RASC (Troop Carrying)
Month and Year: February 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major A.W. Holmes, RASC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
CLAYTONS near BRADFORD 1   Unit G1098 of ammunition draw up to scale today.
2   R/T lecture for officers 1000 hrs. O.C. and 3 officers attended lecture by Lt. Col. E.J. Birt R.A.S.C. on Tk. Transporting in Western Desert at 1400 hrs. followed by discussion of Battle of El Alamein
3   R/T lecture for officers at 1000 hrs.
5   Second part of unit on ranges for grenade throwing.
6   O.C. lectured N.C.O.ís on responsibilities and training.
10   40 O.R.ís of unit fired the PIAT on range.
12   Letter from Mobn ref MC/3126/1/A of 11 Feb 44 received stating that unit came under command 21 Army Group w.e.f. 2 Feb 44 and that field documentation will begin on 1 Mar 44.
14   Warning movement order received at 1200 hours. Advance party leaves a.m. 16 Feb 44.
16   Advance party moves out under unit orders. Capt. Norrington, 1 Mobn, visited unit. Typewriters & Duplicator collected together with clothing indents.
17   Final packing and arrangements for unit move made. Accom. etc. handed over to 711 Gen. Tpt. Coy RASC. No movement order received as unit Mov Order issued as per telephone instructions received from hub Centre. (Copy 11 of Nov. Order No 3 attd.)
18 0800 Unit main party moves out. Maj. Barry Lojen?, watching. The route chosen by mobn was not satisfactory. Arrived at SPRATTON GRANGE, SPRATTON, NORTHAMPTON at 1930 hrs. Advance party had considerable difficulty over accm. Stores.
SPRATTON GRANGE, Northants 19   O.C. visited H.Q. CRASC Second Army Troops at Northampton & saw Maj. PRINGLE, 2i/c and Capt. TURNER Amn officer
20   Unit Comes under direct command CRASC Second Army Troops. O.C. looked for further accommodation locally. Contacted Police and Home Guard. Rear party arrives.
23   O.C. visited ADOS Second Army Troops regarding general position of clothing M.T. and equipment includes provisions placed
29 1000 Inspection of unit on parade by Lt. Col Beachan RASC. CRASC Second Army Troops. Later inspection continued in office retraining organization etc. He was accompanied by his Adjutant, Capt. Newton RASC. In afternoon inspected quarters, vehicles, workshop & location.
29   Unit comes under Field Service System of dissemination w.e.f. 1 March 44.

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Source: Paul Bulmer.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.