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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 171 Company RASC
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major Everingham, RASC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HOLLAND 1   Two platoons complete sent on 3rd line duties for days detail returning amn. salvage and empty jerricans to Rail head from 56 FMC.
2   Replenishment in location. Leave party returns from BRUSSELS. 1 Offr proceeds on 48 hrs leave to BRUSSELS.
3   Normal replenishment. Message received from CRASC instructing that 3 complete platoons required to pick up 5.5 med amn from 162 FMC (MR 6258) and return it to 56 FMC (LIESHOUT).
4   3 Platoons leave for detail as arranged and return by 1600 hrs. ENSA concert arranged for evening. AFW 3008 and 3009 to GHQ 2nd Echelon.
5   Identical platoons carry out detail as per previous day. Leave partye leaves for BRUSSELS.
6   3 complete platoons proceed on 3rd line duties. Cinema show arranged in evening.
7   Offrs & sergeants proceed to EINDHOVEN for theatre performance – 3rd line duties continue.
HOLLAND 8   Two platoons sent on 3rd line duties to road head at HAMONT. Cinema show arranged for evening in HELMOND.
9   3rd line duties continue, normal replenishment in location.
10   Capt Gainsford recces for detail following day – hauling timber for Canadian engeineers. Steel-bodied vehicles required.
11   Lt. Coates proceed on detail hauling timber. Two platoons out on 3rd line duties. Two cinema shows during day. AFW 3008 and 3009 rendered to GHQ 2nd Echelon.
12   Normal replenishment – logging detail and FMC detail continues.
13   Logging detail under Lt. Coates continues. 6xton vehicles sent to collect “Weasels” for 159 Inf Bde. BEME accompanies detail.
14   26x6 ton macks sent to collect “Weasels” for 29 Armd Bde. BEME accompanies detail. Logging detail continues.
HOLLAND 15   Normal replenishment. Logging detail continues. Platoon sent on second line detail for FMC. ENSA concert in HELMOND.
16   Logging detail for Canadian RE continues. 26x6-ton vehicles sent to collect “Weasels”. Cinema show arranged at 1700 hrs.
17   Logging & “Weasel” detail continue. Normal Bde replenishment. Coy visited by Lieut. Howse PRS 11 Armd.Div.
18   Loggin detail and FMC detail (60 vehs) sent out. AFW 3008 and 3009 rendered to GHQ 2nd Echelon.
19   Vehicle sent to convey wood to officers club at ANTWERP for four days detachment. Logging detail (30 vehs) out. Four vehicles still on detachment to 147 Fd Pk Sqn RE.
20   20 x 3-ton vehs under Lt Milne sent to HEUSDEN […] to collect 60 tons of coal for Div. RE detail continues.
21   Normal replenishment. RE logging detail (2 platoons) sent out. Leave party sent to BRUSSELS.
HOLLAND 22   Normal replenishment. 2 Platoons engaged logging detail – Cdn RE.
23   Normal replenishment and RE details.
24   Replenishment as normal. 2 Platoons engaged on logging.
25   Normal replenishment. Cinema show in HELMOND. AFW 3008 and 3009 rendered to GHQ 2nd Echelon.
26   Leave party sent to BRUSSELS. RE detail (2 platoons) continues. Normal replenishment and refill arrangements.
27   Normal replenishment. 2 platoons engaged logging details. Ensa show at DEURNE turns out to be cinema programme already seen at least twice by every member of this company.
28   Transport position acute: 2 Platoons logging – 1 Platoon engaged 3rd line Corps duties – 28 vehicles sent for coal – 3 vehicles sent to collect blankets from MALINES. Refill of expended commodities difficult owing lack of transport. Leave party sent BRUSSELS.
HOLLAND 28   Enemy jet-propelled aircraft show down over coy loaction by Typhoons. Plane crashed 100 yds from coy office. Two men slightly injured by explosion.
29   Normal replenishment & refill arrangements. Platoon engaged on logging for Canadian RE.
30   Replenishment in location as normal. Refill made as usual. Loggin detail continues.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.