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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeo., R.A.C.
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. A.B.J. Scott, M.C.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Handel 1-7   The Regt. was resting at Handel, m.r. 6033.During this period Major Sir J.E. Gilmour, Bart. assumed 2 i/c of the Regt. on posting of Major G.R. Trotter to No. 2 ARG. Capt. A.G.E.Loram assumed command of B. Sqn. and was promoted to the rank of A/Major.
St. Anthonis 7   At 1300 hrs. the Regt. moved up to St. Anthonis, B. Sqn. being attached to the 1st Herefords in the woods at mr. 7829.
" 8   A. Sqn. sent out 1 Tp to the area Boxmeer, m.r. 7640, where they encountered slight enemy opposition, 1 O.R. being wounded by mortar.
" 9   A. Sqn. again went out into the Boxmeer area, engaging the enemy in the area of the Windmill.
" 10   C. Sqn. went out with the K.S.L.I to the R. Meuse and shot up a gantry bridge by which the Germans were crossing the river.
" 11   A. Sqn. again went out into the Boxmeer area to watch for any enemy movement near the river.
" 12   A. Sqn. again went out into the area near the river, and C. Sqn. patrolled down towards Vierlingsbeek, m.r. 8034.
" 13   A. Sqn. again supplied 1 Tp, which in co-operation with the K.S.L.I., made a small attack on a party of German Inf, which were just west of the river. These were successfully rounded up, 17 prisoners being taken, and 5 killed. C. Sqn. again patrolled down towards Vierlingsbeek, which they come in contact with the enemy, and lost 1 tank, which was blown up by a mine.
" 14   The attack by the 3rd British had not yet reached Venray. C. Sqn. again patrolled out towards Vierlingsbeek.
" 15   As the 3rd British had not made good progress the Regt. with the 4 K.S.L.I. were ordered to ease to pressure on their left flank by capturing the wooded area towards Smakt, area 0031. The barrage provided in front of this attack from the west was most inaccurate and the K.S.L.I. were unable to move until the barrage was called off. B. Sqn. was the leading Sqn. supporting the K.S.L.I., whilst A. Sqn. provided flank protection to the South. No great opposition was encountered until we reached the line of the railway at 7932, although about 70 prisoners were taken. A position was taken up with the K.S.L.I. along the railway in the area just west of Smakt, whilst C. Sqn. went out to assist the Herefords who were operating against Vierlingsbeek.The Regt. leagured for the night in that area.
16   The Regt. remained supporting the K.S.L.I. in the same area. Throughout the day there was considerable mortar and H.E. fire on our position. After dark the Regt. moved back into the area, m.r. 7434. This was an extremely difficult drive as the night was very dark, and the tank track which we were supposed to be travelling on was almost impossible for tanks to travel on owing to ditches.
17   The Regt. moved off at 0800 hrs. via St. Anthonis to just east of Deurne m.r. 6520 and halted in the area 673218 whilst teh 15/19 H. with the Herefords were passing through the American 7th Armd to capture YSSELSTEYN, m.r. 7223.
18   The Regt. moved off with C. Sqn. in the lead, A. and B. Sqns. each having a Coy. of the K.S.L.I. mounted on their tanks. Immediately on passing through YSSELSTEYN C. Sqn. encountered slight opposition from farm buildings along the raodside, which they were able to deal with themselves.On arrival at m.r. 736217 the Regt. moved off two up with B. Sqn. on the left with one section of the Recce Tp in front of them, and established themselves in the area m.r. 747224. On arrival at the outskirts of Veulen more opposition was encountered, and one Coy. of the K.S.L.I. came up to assist the clearing of the village. This was achieved without much difficulty until arrival at the eastern end where there was enemy tanks and SPs in position. There was also a strong point in the area of the factory at 775225 and the rectangular wood at 772218 and the woods to the South. B. Sqn. tried to pass along to the North of Veulen but also came into contact with this opposition. In all we succeeded in knocking out 1 Panther, 1 Jaag Panther, 1 SP on Mk iv chassis, 1 Armd half-track, and 4 75 A/Tk guns. One other Panther was also damaged.Our losses were 7 tanks. It was not possible to push on any further and the Regt. with the K.S.L.I. halted in the area for the night. Whilst moving into the harbour area one tank ran over a mine and was damaged.Lieut. R.H.A. Gregory killed, and 2/Lieut. J. McGregor wounded.
Veulen 19   No further advance was undertaken and the Regt. remained with the K.S.L.I. in the area of Veulen. There was considerable nebelwerfer and HE fire all day.
" 20   We still remained in the Veulen area.
" 21   We still remained in the same area.
" 22   We still remained in the same area.
YSSELSTEYN 23   B. and C. Sqns. moved back to DEURNE for four days rest, A. Sqn. and RHQ. moving to YSSELSTEYN;
" 27   B. Sqn. Went to Veulen. C. Sqn. joined RHQ. and A. Sqn. at YSSELSTEYN. C. Sqn. patrolled the area to the south of the road at 7119 to 7621, and shot up several buildings suspected of holding the enemy. A party composed of the Recce Tp searched all houses south of Ysselsteyn and found no trace of recent enemy occupation.
" 28   A. Sqn. went out on patrol and had nothing to report.
" 29   C. Sqn. went out on patrol and had nothing to report.
" 30   A. Sqn. went out on patrol and had nothing to report.
" 31   C. Sqn. relieved B. Sqn. at Veulen. and A. Sqn. went out on patrol.During this period the folling Officers joined the Regt.
31   Capt. D.C.F. Chute. Lieut. D.I. Robertson. Lieut. B.S. Phippe.
31   B.L.A. 9th Nov. 44ABJS/WF. Lieut. Colonel,Comdg. 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, R.A.C.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

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