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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 Worcestershire Regiment
Month and Year: July 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. A.R. Harrison
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Mouen, FRANCE 1   Bn consolidated around MOUEN. Patrols sent out. Wounded sniper captured. Intermittent enemy Mortar fire throughout the day.
2   Bn still in MOUEN Enemy counter-attack brought to a standstill. This was Rommels first counter attack of any size. Arty and A/C played large part in halt.
3   Div Comd visited Bn posns and O.P.. Another enemy sniper captured. (Hitler Jugend Div) Enemy mortar Fire throughout day and night.
4   3 Cdn Div attacked CARPICQUET. Mortar Pl with Mortar Pl 7 Som. L.I. do Operation STOKES (Bombard village of JUMEAUX) Corps Comd visited Bn area.
2/Lt. T. L. Tromans (should be L. A. Tromans), WS/Lt. L. A. Eberstadt, WS/Lt. R. S. Spicer TOS this unit from RHU.
5   WS/Lt. T. L. Revnell, Lt. J. E. D. Davis, Lt. Fiset TOS from RHU.
WS/Lt. F. T. Coulcher promoted A/Capt (Comd a/Tk. Pl.)
WS/Lt. H. E. R. Newman promoted A/Capt (2i/c B Coy)
T/Capt. H. R. Matthews promoted A/Maj.
WS/Lt. H. S. Morrison promoted A/Capt.
6   2/Lt. C. W. D. Laughton admitted hospital and S.O.S. this unit.
Preparations made for Operation BITCH which is hvy mortar fire on known enemy localities JUMEAUX and BRETTEVILLE SUR ODON. A quiet day, less shelling.
7 0015 Bde-d Mortar Pls fire 9 tons H.E. on JUMEAUX and BRETTEVILLE in 10 mins.
7 2030 Bn HQ area heavily shelled until 21.40
MOUEN 8 0330 - 0340 Bde-d Mortar pls fire 360 rds each on targets JUMEAUX Operation Jupiter Minor.
10   Bn left MOUEN for Operation Jupiter after receiving orders at 0910 hrs Attack by 43 Div to secure crossing river ODON and securing MALTOT. 214 Bde in reserve area CHATEAU DE FONTAINE.
10 2330 Bn commenced taking over from 4 Wilts.
11   Bn in area CHATEAU DE FONTAINE.
CHATEAU DE FONTAINE 13   Enemy mortar and shell our posns during day and night.
Lt. R. S. Spicer killed in action.
Capt. M. J. Ratcliff accidentally wounded and admitted to hospital SOS this unit.
Lt. J. M. Bennett wounded in action.
14   Maj. P. F. R. Roose wounded in action.
14 1000 Advance party left to Recce and prepare Coy Localities in rear area (Bas de Mouen).
14/15 1700 - 0300 Bn relieved by Dorsets.
BAS DE MOUEN 16   Liberty trips organised to BAYEUX.
Lt. Tinkler evacuated beyond R.A.P. suffering from physical exhaustion.
17   Area BAS DE MOUEN until 1630 hrs. Bn then commenced of 5 Wilts in area BARON. Completed by 2030 hrs.
BARON 18   Quiet day. Capt. D. Y. Watson TOS this unit from RHU.
BARON 20   2/Lt. K. W. Badderley TOS this unit.
BAS DE MOUEN 21   Operation PULLMAN postponed. Bn moved back to area BAS DE MOUEN.
Mortar Pl in Bde shoot. Operation PETER.
BARON 22 2000 Bn moved to area BARON for operation PULLMAN. Op commenced 2355 hrs. Mortar Pls in Bde shoot in support of 129 Inf Bde. (EXPRESS).
23   Maj P. T. Weston missing after op PULLMAN also Lt. G. L. Revnell missing.
2/Lt. L. A. Thomas (error in war diary should be Tromans) wounded.
Lt. J. P. Allum TOS.
BAS DE MOUEN 23 1600 Bn moved to area BAS DE MOUEN.
23 2145 Mortar Pl moved to BARON for Bde shoot.
24   T/Capt. A. M. Ford T.O.S. from 32 RHU (O.C. HQ Coy)
24 1630 Recce party left for area JERUSALEM.
JERUSALEM 24 1800 Bn commenced move to area JERUSALEM for refit after 5 weeks continued fighting.
25   Lt. F. S. Trimnell TOS this unit from 32 RHU.
Lt. W. C. Bratt TOS this unit from 32 RHU.
26/27   Bn in area JERUSALEM.
27   T/Maj Martyn TOS and appointed 2i/c vice Maj. G. Taylor promotion to Lt. Col. (5 DCLI).
Lt. R. F. G. Rice TOS this unit.
JERUSALEM 28   Bn attended lecture by Div Comd at Bde HQ. George Formby ENSA show at ST. LEDGER attended by part Bn.
T/Capt. H. S. L. Morrison admitted CCS and SOS this unit.
Capt. J. K. G. Marshall TOS this unit.
29   43 Div transferred to 30 Corps.
29 1300 Bn commenced move to LA PAUMERIE for operation BLUECOAT.
Capt. J. K. G. Marshall promoted A/Major.
LA PAUMERIE 30 0800 Operation BLUECOAT due to commence but delayed owing to 130 Bde making little progress in attacking CAHAGNES.
T/Capt Miller TOS this unit.
31 0800 Revised Op BLUECOAT due to commence but still delayed owing to 130 Bde. 129 Bde brought up to assist 130 Bde.
31   Officers as at 31 July 1944
Commanding officer Lt. Col. A. R. Harrison.
2i/c T/Maj Martyn.
Adjt. Capt. L. S. Durrant.
O.C. A Coy. A/Maj Marshall
O.C. B Coy. T/Maj A. A. Grubb.
O.C. C Coy. A/Maj Matthews.
O.C. D Coy. A/Maj M. M. Souper.
O.C. Sp. Coy. T/Capt Watkins.
O.C. HQ Coy. T/Capt. A. M. Ford.
Casualties July
Killed 1 Officer and 31 O.Rs.
Wounded 6 Officers and 133 O.Rs.
Missing 2 Officers and 11 O.Rs.
31   Appendices. Field Returns 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd 29th.

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Source: The Worcestershire Regiment.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.