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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 Worcestershire Regiment
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. R.E. Osborne-Smith
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
CAHAGNES 1   Bn in area SOUTH of CAHAGNES. Mopping up operations carried out around whole area. Prisoners taken.  
  2   Bn in same locality. 70 prisoners taken today including Colonel TEISLER Commander of 753 Gren Regt and his Adjt. Information was received that a group of Germans, strength unknown, wished to give themselves up as they had not eaten for 4 days and had several badly wounded. A Carrier patrol under Lt. Bratt was despatched with medical equipment to the spot mentioned. He then advanced and was met by Col. TEISLER who said he only wished for medical aid and did not want to give himself up. Lt. Bratt then insisted that the Col. And his men were his prisoners and brought them back to Bn H.Q.  
  3   T/Maj. A. A. Benn TOS this unit on posting from 7 E. Yorks R.  
  3 2200 Bn relieved by 4 Som L.I. Bn was formed up ready to move by quick lift following the D.C.L.I. as the D.C.L.I. were held up by road blocks the Bn did not move.
2/Lt. K. W. Badderley wounded in action.
ST PIERRE DE FRESNE 3   Bn moved to area ST PIERRE DE FRESNE and curled up while the leading Bn was heavily engaged at JURQUES. At 1900 hrs Bn moved to area NORTH of Pt. 361.  
  5   WS/Lt. D. N. Steward SOS this unit on posting to 10 H.L.I.
"B" Coy moved forward and occupied Pt 361 and at 03.30 hrs approx the Bn moved up and consolidated in this area. "A" Coy were then sent forward and occupied ridge NORTH of LE MESNIL AUZOUF.
  6   Bn in area Pt. 361. Maj Benn took over comd of the Bn in the absence of Lt. Col. A. R. Harrison (Hospital). Bn H.Q. moved to LA CABOSSE.  
747491 7   Lt. Col. R. E. Osborne-Smith took over comd of the Bn.
Lt. A. J. Booth killed in action.
T/Capt. J. K. G. Marshall killed in action.
WS/Capt. J. T. Eayrs TOS this unit.
2/Lt. R. N. Fellows TOS this unit.
Bn moved to rd junc SOUTH of JURQUES at 747491 in readiness to take part in an operation to secure CONDE SUR NOIREAU. This operation cancelled and orders received to relieve 129 Bde area MONT PINÇON.
MOUNT PINÇON 8 0530 Bn moved to MOUNT PINÇON to relieve 4 Wilts but relief was not completed until 11.30 hrs.  
LA VARINIERE 8 2200 Bn moved to area X rds LA VARINIERE. A Coy taking over Coy locality of 5 D.C.L.I. who attacked PLESSIS GRIMOULT.  
  9   WS/Lt. G. F. P. Henry wounded.
WS/Lt. W. A. Everitt (family name was Eberstadt but used Everitt when serving) wounded.
A/Capt. Newman wounded.
WS/Lt. W. C. Bratt missing.
Bn in area LA VARINIERE. Bn received orders for mopping up road to PLESSIS GRIMOULT and LA QUESNEE.
"C" Coy attacked enemy along road but met with heavy resistance and were withdrawn. During this operation Sjt. Greatrex used the PAIT for clearing Germans in fox-hole in sunken lanes. It was highly successful. At least a Coy of enemy were in this area. "A" Coy meanwhile engaged in LA QUESNEE.
LA VARINIERE 10   Bn still in area LA VARINIERE.
"B" Coy plus 1 Sqn 4/7 Dragoon Gds and preceded by heavy Arty bombardment, successfully attacked this enemy Coy. Approximately 80 prisoners were taken, but an accurate number cannot be given as 7 S.L.I. also attacking in this area sent back their prisoners passing through our hands was 230.
"B" Coy. were relieved by "C" Coy. During the evening the area LA VARINIERE was heavily shelled.
ST. JEAN LE BLANC 11 2200 Bn moved to area NORTH of ST. JEAN LE BLANC.
"D" Coy. found the village unoccupied, but under shellfire. Orders were received that Bn. would be relieved by 60 K.R.R.
LA QUESNEE 12   By 05.30 hrs. relief completed and Bn. moved back to area LA QUESNEE.
W/Lt Hodge T.O.S. from 33 R.H.U.
  13   Bn. in area LA QUESNEE now under comd 130 Bde.  
  14   130 Bde. operation "EXCEISTOR" Bn. moved to area 8839 at 07.00 hrs. Left area 8839 at 17.45 hrs for area 8739.
"D" Coy now under comd 5 Dorsets. Bn. reverted to comd 214 Bde.
W/Lt. Hunt missing.
T/Maj. Clover T.O.S. this unit.
T/Capt. M. Rowlands T.O.S. this unit.
Area 8738 15   Capt. B. N. R. Elder T.O.S. this unit.  
941329 15 1730 Coys moved off on tpt for attack on BERJOU feature 9332. With zero at 18.30 hrs and with one Coy. up. Bn. crossed the NOIREAU & successfully attacked high ground to the SOUTH. The area was heavily wooded and steep but at 19.30 hrs we received news "A" Coy leading Coy was on its objective. Two other Coys moved up, "C" and "B" giving us three Coys up with "D" in reserve and Bn. H.Q. at 941329. Isolated groups of enemy still all round our locality much erratic M.G. and machine carbine fire was experienced during night. 20 prisoners were taken.  
BERJOU 16   A/Maj. H. R. Matthews wounded and evacuated beyond unit R.A.P.
W/Lt. R. F. G. Rice wounded and evacuated beyond unit R.A.P.
Bn. received orders to take BERJOU which was reported occupied by at least one Coy of enemy plus some S.P. guns. A set piece attack was formulated by the C.O. together with the C.O. of the 5 DCLI. Under a heavy arty barrage Bn. attacked BERJOU and Coys were on their objectives by 17.30 hrs. Consistent fire from lt. Inf. guns caused us much trouble for a short time but soon it was evident that what remained of the German Forces were pulling right out. Except for two or three odd rounds Bn spent a quiet night on its objective.
  16   Note: During these last two operations Bn had its first experience of encountering large numbers of Tellermines. The effect of these weapons was varied; as one of our carriers with full crew set off a mine which succeeded only in blowing off a track and slightly wounding one member. On the other hand another carrier was totally destroyed on setting off a mine and the only occupant killed.  
  17   Bn. resting.
T/Maj. M. A. Gibbins T.O.S. this unit.
  18   Bn. resting.
WS/Lt. R. Brown T.O.S. this unit.
  19   Bn. resting.
A/Maj. M. M. Souper evacuated beyond unit R.A.P.
W/Lt. Allum S.O.S. this unit (Hospital)
  20/21   Bn. resting.  
  22   Bn. resting orders to move - these cancelled - move postponed for 24 hrs.  
BERJOU 23   A/Maj. M. M. Souper T.O.S. this unit on return from Hospital.
Bn. placed under comd of 129 Bde for Operation NEPTUNE. i.e. crossing the river SEINE at VERNON. Bn left BERJOU 10.15 hrs arrived LOUGE-SUR-MAIRE 19.15 hrs.
  24   W/Lt. D. C. Goodman T.O.S. this unit and attached 214 Bde.
Bn moved from LOUGE-SUR-MAIRE 12.00 hrs and arrived LE RUE BERTROU approx. 20.00 hrs.
VERNON 25 1145 Bn. left LE RUE BERTROU at 11.45 hrs and moved to area ST VINCENT DES BOIS. Orders received to cross the river SEINE behind 5 Wilts who were right hand Bn.  
VERNON 25 1800 Bn moved to VERNON at 18.00 hrs but crossing delayed owing to slow progress of 5 Wilts. This was due to the use of Storm Boats which grounded on the sandbanks in the middle of the SEINE. Orders were then received for Bn to cross by the original bridge which although destroyed by the R.A.F. previously could be crossed by marching tps.
"A" Coy were leading Coy and attemted to cross, they encountered mines and also the bridge was covered by M.G. fire from a reinforced hut on the EAST bank. By this time it was dark and we attempted to blow up the pillbox by the use of 2" parachute flares which gave light to use our 6 pdr. Owing to the possible danger to other units this objective was abandoned.
VERNONNET 26   WS/Lt. Hunt returned to this unit (escaped POW) and T.O.S.
WS/Capt. J. T. Eayrs S.O.S. this unit on posting.
About 04.00 hrs patrols reported far end of bridge clear of enemy and with the aid of a smoke screen the Bn crossed the River SEINE by the destroyed bridge in single file by Coys and deployed through VERNONNET to seize the high ground NORTH of the bridge. By 08.00 hrs the crossing less transport was completed. Some close quarter fighting ensued in the thick country on the slopes of the hills, enemy opposition consisting of numerous M.G. posts. "B" Coy right forward Coy encountered most of this opposition. Position was stabilised by about 14.00 hrs and Class IX bridge was completed by R.E. by 18.00 hrs. Remaining Bns of 214 Inf Bde passed through the Bn area and the Bn reverted to 214 Inf. Bde at 22.00 hrs. The Bn was the first complete British Infantry Bn to cross FRANCE'S greatest obstacle - The SEINE - During the day approx 20 POW were taken.
  27   Orders received to advance and capture TILLY. Bn moved off at 06.30 hrs and met strong resistance at 453764. At this time we received orders from Bde. to stand fast. Bn was then strongly counter-attacked with what is estimated to be two Coys and at least two Tiger tanks. Firstly the enemy were engaged with very accurate 3" Mortar and Arty fire and it has since transpired that many casualties were inflicted on the enemy. heavy wood fighting continued and one Tiger tank was destroyed by one of our 6 pdrs and caused another tank immediately behind to make off. The enemy skilfully infiltrated small M.G. groups on the flanks of the Bn posn but as the battle continued more and more small arms fire was brought to bear on the enemy by "B" and "C" Coys on the right of the road and "A" Coy strengthened by the fire of one Sherman tank and one Recce Car in the thick country on the left. The fighting was carried out over extremely close country and it was very difficult to locate any enemy M.G.'s.
The counter attack was gradually worn down and eventually beaten off. A feature of the battle was the lack of enemy shell and mortar fire. We sustained 65 casualties but were ordered to advance and capture LE CASTEL (4677), this operation was cancelled. During the engagement two of our S.B.'s were captured but later returned with their captors 1 Officer and 36 O.R.'s.
453764 27   T/Maj. Benn "2 i/c" killed in action.
T/Capt. R. Miller wounded and evacuated beyond unit R.A.P.
WS/Lt. F. S. Trimnell wounded and evacuated beyond unit R.A.P.
  28   WS/Lt. N. T. Richards T.O.S. this unit.
Bn in area 453764 when orders were received to relieve 5 DCLI at PRESSAGNEY L'ORGUEILIEUX. Relief completed by 15.00 hrs 5 DCLI going forward and capturing PANILIEUSE.
  29   A/Maj. W. H. Broome T.O.S. this unit.
WS/Lt. R. H. Jauncey T.O.S. this unit
A/Maj. Watson relinquished rank of A/Maj. on ceasing to comd a Coy.
Bn occupied defensive posns around PRESSAGNEY L'ORGUEILIEUX.
  30   Bn occupied defensive posns around PRESSAGNEY L'ORGUEILIEUX.  
  31   Bn resting.  
  31   Comd. Officer. Lieut.-Col. R. E. Osborne-Smith
2 i/c .........
Adjt. Capt. Leadbeater.
"A" Coy Comd. Maj. Gibbins.
"B" Coy Comd. Maj. A. A. Grubb.
"C" Coy Comd. Maj. Clover.
"D" Coy Comd. Maj. M. M. Souper.
"S" Coy Comd. Capt. Hodge.
"HQ" Coy Comd. Capt. A. M. Ford.
  31   Field returns d/d 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th.  

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Source: The Worcestershire Regiment.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.