Photo report Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

On 7 september Arjan Vrieze together with 3 Dutch friends took Arthur 'Alf' Bone to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Alf was war time pilot, flying with the RAF. He first flew Whitleys, then Anti Submarine missions in Wellingtons with Coastal Command. In 1944 converted to the Dakota. With 271 Squadron he flew 3 missions to Arnhem. Between VE-day and VJ-day Alf flew the Dakota in Birma. Al together 1400 flying hours in 3 years time. Alf and Arjan are friends since the 65th commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem in 2009. The history of Alf with RAF is briefly mentioned in the Haynes Manual for the Douglas DC-3 Dakota ISBN978 0 85733 070 3.

Alf had signed the book before Arjan had the chance to buy it.

Shortly after our arrival, the Lancaster came home with it's new paint scheme (617 Squadron colours).

Alf with Squadron Leader Stu Reid. Stu is a retired Bomber Leader with the BBMF.

Public Relations Officer Yvonne Masters and the next CO BBMF Duncan Mason

The new paint scheme of Lancaster PA474.

A visit at the BBMF is not complete without an inspection of the fighters.

The Dakota had it's port engine changed and was ready for her first test flight. "Wish me luck".

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