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Thanks for 2013 and best wishes for 2014

With this notice, we would like to thank any of you that made a contribution to the website Without all the contributions, it would not have been possible to achieve the results we have had so far.

At this moment we can present you:
Number of medals in the database: 2.503
Number of persons in the database: 48.244
Number of awarded decorations database: 95.558
Number of awarded decorations with a location: 36
Number of countries in the database: 108
Number of images of medals in the database: 1.404
Number of images of persons in the database: 5.373

A nice result, certainly when we take in account that we have an average of between 4000 and 5000 visitors each day.

We hope to be able to feep up this work with your help next year. All volunteers wish you the very best for 2014.

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  • Published on: 31-12-2013 21:25:37