Flood of input WW2Awards.com

As team of volunteers working on the website WW2Awards.com, we are very pleased with the many input we receive from our visitors. For this we would like to thank you all.
The amount of input we receive however is such that regulearly we receive questions why the input has not been added yet.

WW2Awards is, just like all STIWOT websites, an all volunteer project, maintained by enthousiastic volunteers. This team does its best to add all input as soon as possible. Working for the website however is being done in the rare hours of spare time our volunteers have. Beceause of this it can take weeks or sometimes even months before input has been added of before you hear from us. This is not that we do not appreciate the input we receive, but just beceause we have not found the time yet to add the specific input.

This process can only be speeded up when we receive the help of more volunteers or we receive the financial means to let persons do the work.

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