Video: Barbed Wire

The father of filmmaker Bob Entrop has been a prisoner between 1943 and 1945 in the camps Altengrabow and Muhlberg at the Elbe and wrote there the book BARBED WIRE about it. He belonged to the large group of soldiers to voluntarily given the choice in 1943 to report or to hide. Most of them went to work normally after the mobilization. Now, 65 years later, six men between 90 and 96 years speak, for the first time, richly illustrated with unique footage and recordings of the former camps about their captivity and why they have volunteered.

The filmmaker follows the book of his father, taking note of the personal stories of the six main characters who each have their own experiences and memories. These are the little everyday stories that they can articulate very visual with attention to detail. The filmmaker discovers on his quest that this group soldiers has not been received with open arms, after they returned to The Netherlands. Just like his father, most of these soldiers never talked about that time. A special film for all those who have experienced this time and for their children and grandchildren. These children and grandchildren most know little or nothing of what happened, simply because their father , grandfather never talked about it.

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