Monument voor de onbekende Joodse Soldaat


This unfinished monument is marked with a stone at the Riverside Drive in New York carrying the inscrpytion: "American Memorial to six million martyred Jews of Europe and the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Battle".

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Awarded on: October 19th, 1947
Awarded by Royal Decree no 4. dated Octobre 17th 1947 to: "The unknown Jewish soldier of the Warsaw ghetto, fallen for freedom of mankind". The decoration was received in New York on Octobre 19th 1947 an given by the Dutch ambassador in the U.S. Mr. E.N. Kleffens.
Verzetskruis 1940-1945 (VKN)


  • Photo:
  • - Schulten dr. C.M., "Zeg mij aan wie ik toebehoor", Het verzetskruis 1940-1945, Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie, Amsterdam, 1993