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Aagtekerk, m.s.


In January 1942, ms Aagtekerk rammed a Germman Uboat after it had sunk the British Llasteffen Castle in the Gulf of Biscay. After the ramming, the Uboat was sunk with gunfire. On June 14th, 1942, ms Aagekerk sailed with Convoy WM 11 in the Mediterranean from Alexansria to Malta. North of Tobruk (34.00 N.W. and 23.40 E.L.) the ship was sunk by German bombers. In this 15 men were killed.

Build: Build Nr. 225, NSM NV, Amsterdam;
Released: October 7th, 1933;
Tonnage: 6.811 BRT;
Propulsion: two AEG Dieselengines, 8.300 pk.;
Length: 140,30 m;
Width: 18,30 m;
Height: 12,45 m;
Owner: Vereenigde Nederlandsche Scheepvaartmaatschappij (VNS);
Captain: A. Romein;
In service: 1934 - 1942

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  • Photo 1: Wilco Vermeer