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Halm, Günter

Date of birth:
August 27th, 1922 (Elze/Hanover, Germany)
Date of death:
September 26th, 2017 (Bad Münder/Lowersaxony, Germany)
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


- July 1st, 1942:gefreiter;
- November 1st, 1942: Unteroffizier;
- July 1st, 1943: Fahnenjunker;
- October 1st, 1943: Feldwebel;
- November 1st, 1943: Oberfahnrich;
- March 1st, 1944: Leutnant.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Richtschütze, Pakzug, Stabskompanie, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 104, Deutsches Afrika-Korps
Awarded on:
July 29th, 1942
Awarded for his actions at El Alamein on the 21.07.1942. On this day his Pak was attacked by a large Allied tank force (probably the 23rd British tank brigade). The battle opened with his gun shield being badly damaged and the no. 2 loader being wounded. Another hit smashed the gun’s sights. However the gunner, Halm, did not lose his nerve as the hostile tanks got closer. With deadly precision he destroyed 7 Allied tanks in a short time, including a command tank. More tanks were destroyed by the other German defenders, with 96 allied tanks being destroyed in the battle on this day altogether.

For his outstanding bravery, which heavily contributed to the successful defense against the Allied breakthrough attempt, Halm would be decorated with the Iron Cross First Class just two days later and with the Knight’s Cross before the end of the month.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes