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Ebner, Fridolin

Date of birth:
November 20th, 1915 (Sulzfeld/Bavaria, Germany)
Date of death:
February 15th, 1978 (Sulzfeld/Bavaria, Germany)
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


March 26th, 1941: Gefreiten der Reserve;
February 22nd, 1942: Obergefreiten der Reserve;
October 30th, 1944: Oberfeldwebel.

September 1st, 1939: 1. Kompanie, Wach-Bataillon 572;
1940: 1. Kompanie, Landesschützen-Bataillon 568;
March 19th, 1941: 4. Kompanie, Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 54;
April 21st, 1941: Genesenden-Kompanie, Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 54;
July 18th, 1941: 4. Kompanie, Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 54;
October 9th, 1941: 9. Kompanie, Infanterie-Regiment 7;
July 11th, 1942: Genesenden-Kompanie, Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 7;
July 16th, 1942: 1. Kompanie, Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 7;
November 20th, 1942: 252. Infanterie-Division;
December 9th, 1942: 9. Kompanie, Grenadier-Regiment 7;
November 29th, 1943: 11. Kompanie, Grenadier-Regiment 7;
?: 9. Kompanie, Grenadier-Regiment 7.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberfeldwebel (Warrant Officer)
Führer 9. Kompanie, III. Bataillon, Grenadier-Regiment 7, 252. Infanterie-Division, Heer
Awarded on:
October 28th, 1944
On the 03.10.1944 the Grenadier-Regiment 7 began an offensive to crush the Soviet Serok bridgehead, located on the west bank of the Narew river. It’s 9. Kompanie was deployed on the right wing of the forward Bataillon. However the attack soon stalled in the heavily mined and bitterly defended wooded terrain, and the attainment of the Regiment’s attack objective seemed to be a questionable outcome.

Yet this would not do for Oberfeldwebel Ebner, who had by now taken over for his wounded Kompanie commander. Moving at the head of his Silesian Grenadiers, he bypassed the enemy MG nests and reached the flank and rear of the enemy forces. His men were quick to follow him, eliminating resistance nests and putting two Soviet companies to flight. The attack of the Bataillon now came back into motion, and it was ultimately able to reach its attack objective. The Grenadier-Regiment 7 ultimately thrusted through to the Narew river.

Oberfeldwebel Ebner would subsequently be awarded the Knight’s Cross for this game-changing success.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes