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Campos de Medeiros, Joao Mauricio

Date of birth:
April 15th, 1921 (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
Date of death:
January 2nd, 1945 (Alessandria, Italy)
Brazilian (1889-present, Republic)


Fighter pilot that belonged to the "squadron yellow" and made 32 wartime missions. His first mission was on 11th November 1944. In its 32nd mission, on 2nd January 1945, was hit by Flak near the city of Alessandria, Italy. He tried to reach enough altitude to jump with a parachute, which he succeeded .However, after that jump, the wind took him near a power line, and as much as he did to get rid of, not met with success and collided with power lines and was killed instantly. After the war his Brazilian fellow pilots found his grave, and it was then that they knew exactly what had happened. Today his body rests in the Monument to the Brazilian armed forces in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
1e Grupo de Aviação de Caça, Força Aérea Brasileira (1st Fighter Group, Brasilian Air Force)
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