Lapp, Karl-Walter

Date of birth:
May 2nd, 1913 (Gießen, Germany)
Date of death:
December 19th, 2005 (Gießen, Germany)
German (1933-1945, German Reich)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Kommandeur Ski-Bataillon 82
Awarded on:
August 14th, 1944
The following divisional order of the day from the 7. Gebirgs-Division, dated 17.08.1944, describes how Lapp would be decorated with the Knight’s Cross…

“Major Lapp and his brave Ski-Bataillon, along with his subordinated comrades from the SS-Schützen-Bataillon (mot) 6, were encircled for 12 days by 7 Soviet battalions. In this time the unit fought isolated, while receiving inadequate supply from the air and later also by water, and also under strong enemy artillery and mortar bombardment. Despite all of this they held their positions, an achievement of great importance for the front of the whole Korps. On the 07.07.1944, during an attack by two battalions from the west and another from the east, the Soviets were able to penetrate all the way through to Lapp’s battalion command post. In response he personally ejected the enemy with his staff and resolved the combat situation. Even after being heavily wounded he remained in command of his Bataillon for 5 days, until all the other wounded had been taken care of and a new Kampfgruppe commander found.

On account of their heroic perseverance, fighting spirit and outstanding achievements I must give Major Lapp and the soldiers of the Ski-Bataillon 82 my thanks and special recognition.”
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes