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Abernetty, Otto

Date of birth:
March 8th, 1893 (Steinbeck-Ancker/Prussia, Germany)
Date of death:
July 2nd, 1940 (Chateaudun/Centre, France)
Buried on:
German War Cemetery Champigny-St.-André
Plot: 16. Grave: 657.
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


Otto Abernetty was killed in a plane crash.

17.02.1914: Fähnrich
08.08.1914: Leutnant
01.06.1924: Oberleutnant
01.11.1930: Hauptmann
01.10.1934: Major
01.10.1936: Oberstleutnant
01.01.1939: Oberst
07.07.1944: Generallmajor (posthumously)

WWI: served as Fahnenjunker and Zugführer in the Inf.Rgt.147 and then as Leutnant and observer with the Fliegertruppe
1920: Leutnant, retained by the Reichswehr, within Inf.Rgt. 1
31.07.1928: Oberleutnant, retired
23.11.1929: promoted to acting Hauptmann
01.11.1930: reactivated in the Heer as an Hauptmann
01.11.1930: present on the Geheime Fliegerliste
01.10.1933: entry into the Luftwaffe with a rank of Hauptmann RDA 01.02.1929, and assigned to Referent bei der Inspektion der Schulen/RLM
01.05.1934: at the disposal of Inspekteur der Schulen/RLM
01.07.1934: appointed Lehrer (instructor) at Grosse KFS Prenzlau
24.09.1934: appointed Lehrgangsleiter (course leader) at Grosse KFS Prenzlau
01.10.1934: promoted to Major
01.01.1936: appointed Kdr.Grosse KFS Prenzlau
12.03.1936: appointed Gr. Kdr. in KG 254 and concurrently Kdr. of Fl.H. Delmenhorst
01.04.1936-13.03.1937: Major, appointed Kdr. III./ KG 154
14.03.-31.08.1937: appointed Kdr. III./ KG 157
01.10.1936: promoted to Oberstleutnant
01.03.1937: appointed acting Kdr. LKS Dresden
01.06.1937: appointed Lehrgangsleiter at LKS Dresden
01.10.1938: ordered to LKS Gatow
01.01.1939: promoted to Oberst
01.03.1939: appointed Chef des Stabs of Abt. L In. 10/ RLM
15.08.1939: appointed Ia in Stab/ Kdr. d.Lw. bei der H.Gr. Süd
07.10.1939: appointed Ia in Stab/ Kdr. d.Lw. bei der H.Gr. B
05.11.1939: appointed Kdr. d. Lw. (Koluft) bei der 18. Armee
01.01.-01.06.1940: appointed Koluft Heeresgruppe B
02.07.1940: killed in air crash near Châteaudun/France
07.07.1944: posthumously promoted to General Major RDA 01.07.1940

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant)
Observer - 6. Flieger Bataillon
Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse (1914)