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Coveyduck, Walter Richard

Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Sapper (Combat Engineer)
5th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division
Awarded on:
August 19th, 1944
As Sapper Coveyduck sheltered behind the sea-wall on Nan Red beach on D-Day he saw a landing craft drop its ramps on the beach. Immediately, a huge wave lifted the craft and tangled one of two ramps. As the infantry on board hesitated, Coveyduck ignored the hail of mortar fragments and machine-gun fire, raced across the beach and managed to anchor the ramp with his own body. He remained as the soldier poured ashore. An hour later, passing a burning Sherman loaded with shells and mines and about to explode, Coveryduck noticed a wounded trooper beside the tank. He and a sergeant grabbed a stretcher, ran over and rescued the man. For two such acts of courage and presence of mind, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal

Published in the Supplement to the London Gazette of Tuesday 29th August 1944, issue 36679 dated 31st August 1944.
Distinguished Conduct Medal