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Müller, Alfred (Aufklärungsgruppe 122)

German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant)
Beobachter 5. (F) / 122
Awarded on:
June 30th, 1944
"On 18th October 1943, a plane of 5. (F) / 122 received a hit form anti-aircraft fire during a reconnaissence flight over the Finnish Bay, which killed the pilot ans severely damaged the plane. Clear of mind, the observer, Leutnant Alfred Müller. grasped the controls and leveled the plane in spite of being hindered by the dead pilot and disregarding his own wounds, he set to a straigh course towards the coast. Recognising he would not be able to hold the plane much longer, he commanded his crew to jump in the sight of the coastal area of the Lugabucht, enabeling them to be saved. He could not leave the plane himself, that by then was spinning down to earth; he completed his unselfish act by his own death."

38th Entry.


  • - Nachtrag zu: Das Goldene Buch der Flieger,pagina 225, Militaria magazine 6/2008, November-Dezember 2008, 31.Jahrgang, Verlag Klaus D. Patzwall, Norderstedt, ISSN 0724-3529