Armstrong, Gene L. ,Sr.

Date of birth:


Service number 33713130.

The hometown of Gene L. Armstrong Sr. was Emporium, Pennsylvania. He enlisted on 19th September 1944 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Private First Class
58th Armored Infantry Battalion, 8th Armored Division "Thundering Herd", U.S. Army (58th Armored Infantry Battalion, 8th Armored Division "Thundering Herd", U.S. Army)
Awarded on:
"For extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy, as a rifleman, 58th Armored Infantry Battalion, 8th Armored Division, on 29 March 1945, in Germany. When a hand grenade in the canteen pouch on the belt of another soldier was accidentally activated while they were riding in a half track with 7 other men, Private First Class Armstrong grasped it in an effort to either throw it or absorb as much of the blast as possible. He had been in a position from which he could have leaped to safety had he chosen to do so but this courageous and fearless soldier ignored the opportunity and the grenade exploded in his left hand. Private First Class Armstrong sustained the loss of his entire left hand and also received severe body wounds. His actions in protecting his comrades, his initiative and cool headedness reflect great credit upon himself and the armed forces."
General Order No. 55 (1945), Headquarters, XVI Corps.
Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)