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Adams, Albert Edwin "Ted"

Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Captain
4th Field Regiment, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, Canadian Army
Awarded on:
December 30th, 1944
On the night of 5 October 1944, Captain Adams was Artillery Forward Observation Officer in support of the Essex Scottish Regiment, in their attack on the town of Putte, north of Antwerp.
The successful completion of this task was of the greatest importance, as it would permit the construction of a bridge over a canal cutting the main axis of the advance of Second Canadian Infantry Division from the south.
During a period of twenty minutes while the success of the operation was in the balance, Captain Adams, in spite of the heaviest shell, mortar and small arms fire, remained forward in an extremely exposed position and brought down artillery fire on the enemy, one hundred and fifty yards away.. So effective was this fire that the enemy, suffering heavy casualties, was precluded from any offensive action.
By his determination, courage and skill in the face of the enemy and while under intense fire, Captain Adams was largely responsible for the ultimate success of this operation, which resulted in the seizure of the whole town and establishment of the required bridgehead over the canal, as a base for the subsequent advance of 4 Canadian Infantry Brigade.

Rank of Acting Captain according to erratum in The London Gazette of April 5th, 1945.
Military Cross (MC)