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Gurung, Sanbahadur

Service number:
Indian (1858-1947, British Colony)


He was later awarded the Vir Chakra for Jammu and Kashmir (15 Nov 1948); Gandhi I, p. 370 (Gandhi II, p. 466):

"Subedar San Bahadur Gurung, commanding a platoon at Leh, was ordered to recapture Lasirmou at a height of 18,270 ft. On the night of 29 July 1948, he appeared in the rear of the enemy position after a strenuous night of 13 hrs. in extrenmely difficult terrain. His successful attack resulted in the rout of the enemy who left behind many dead and one prisoner.

"In October, he worked as second in command of guerillas behind the enemy lines, destroying an enemy 3.7-inch howitzer at Basgo. Again in November he went 70 miles behind the enemy lines and destroyed a big enemy ammunition column at Lamayuru.

"On all these occasions he showed outstanding bravery, devotion to duty and leadership."

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Jemadar (Lieutenant)
2/8 Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army
Awarded on:
December 13th, 1945
"On 14 Apr 45 Jem Sanbahadur led his pl in an assault against the CORRECHIO canal in order to est a firm base for the crossing of the SILLARO river. Although pinned by intense enemy mortaring and spandau fire the pl eventually reached and captured an enemy strong point with the loss of seven men wounded. At the same time th enemy had sustained considerable cas incl two killed whilst in addition 4 prisoners were taken. Barely had he secured his objective before the enemy in superior numbers began to inflitrate around his flanks.

"Calling for mortar fire which he personally directed he succeeded in forcing the enemy to withdraw. The remainder of the coy moving up behind Jam Sanbahadur was thus able to cross the canal and firmly est itself.

"The next day another Bn, the 2/10 [GR] successfully assaulted and crossed the SILLARO river. The success of this important action was partly due to the brilliant exploit of Jem Sanbahadur.

"Subsequently, on 19 Apr, this VCO led his pl in the night attack on the river GAIANA. He was amongst the first to cross the river in the face of hy spandau fire and grenading which caused considerable cas in his pl. Undaunted and with exemplary courage Jem Sanbahadur quickly re-organised his rections before assaulting the second objective which he did successfully. Despite hy enemy shelling and mortaring this gallant platoon commander continued to move from one section to another encouraging his men. "During the whole of the operations from 9 Apr to 2 May Jem Sanbahadur constantly displayed superb dash and gallantry, outstsnding leadership a disregard of danger worthy of the highest praise."
Military Cross (MC)
Second World War (1939-1945)
India General Service Medal (1936 IGSM)
Second World War (1939-1945)
General Service Medal 1918-1962