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Nyquist, Fabian A.



Servicenumber 0703106.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
1st Lieutenant
875th Bombardment Squadron, 498th Bombardment Group, XXI Bomber Command (875th Bombardment Squadron, 498th Bombardment Group, XXI Bomber Command)
Awarded on:
June 21st, 1945
"For extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight on 7
April 1945 on a bombing mission against a high priority target, the
Nakajima Mushahima Aircraft Factory near Tokyo, Japan. These individuals
were crew members of a B-29 aircraft which, upon approaching the Japanese
coastline, began to lose power in the number one engine, and as a result
was an easy prey to hostile fighters. Although forced to fly through and
exceedingly heavy anti-aircraft barrage, which inflicted damage to the
aircraft, they fought their way to the target and successfully bombed it.
The Courage and professional skill of these individuals contributed
materially to the successful accomplishment of this mission and reflect
the highest credit on themselves and the Army Air Forces."

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)


  • - Headquarters XXI Bomber Command in San Francisco under General Orders 121. Issued June 21 1945 / Section IX