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Meißner, Robert

    Date of birth:
    December 23rd, 1888 (Vienna, Austria)
    Date of death:
    August 8th, 1953 (Soviet imprisonment Pervoural'sk, Soviet Union)
    Austrian (1918-1938, Republic)


    18th August 1908: k.u.k. Kadett-Offiziersstellvertreter;
    1st May 1911: k.u.k. Leutnant;
    1st August 1914: k.u.k. Oberleutnant;
    1st August 1917: k.u.k. Hauptmann;
    8th July 1921: Major(österr. Bundesheer);
    21st June 1930: Oberstleutnant (österr. Bundesheer);
    23rd September 1933: Oberst (österr. Bundesheer);
    13th March 1938: Oberst (Wehrmacht);
    20th April 1939: Oberst (Patent vom 01.04.1937);
    1st April 1941: Generalmajor (9);
    1st October 1942: Generalleutnant (18).

    1st October 1904: k.u.k. Infanterie-Kadettenschule, Wien;
    18th August 1908: Eintritt Böhmische Infanterie Regiment “Freiherr von Schönaich“ Nr. 74; Reichenberg;
    25th August 1914: Kompanieführer k.u.k. Infanterie-Regiment 74;
    1st March 1917: Generalstab Baon-Kommando II. / Infanterie Regiment 74;
    15th November 1918: Niederösterreichischen Infanterie Regiment “Hoch- und Deutschmeister“ Nr. 4;
    1st January 1919: Militär-Kommando Wien;
    9th August 1919: Grenzschutz Voralberg;
    15th November 1919: Depotwache Kaisersebersdorf;
    29th August 1920: Heeres-Verwaltungsstelle Wien;
    1st September 1920: österreichische Bundesheer;
    3rd September 1920: Führergehilfe Brigade-Kommando 1;
    1st November 1922: Adjutant II. / Infanterie-Regiment 2;
    12th December 1925: Kompanie-Kommandant II. / Infanterie-Regiment 2;
    1st August 1928: Generalstab Brigade-Kommandos 2;
    27th November 1935: Stabschef 1.Division des österreichischen Bundesheeres;
    1st October 1937: Operations-Abteilung, Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung;
    13th March 1938: Wehrmacht;
    1st April 1938: Offizieren z.b.V. des ObdH;
    15th October 1938: Stab Heeresgruppen-Kommandos 5, Wien;
    10th November 1938: Regiments-Stab Infanterie-Regiment 118, Kaiserslautern;
    26th August 1939: Chef des Generalstabs des stellvertretenden XII. AK, Wiesbaden;
    25th October 1940: Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 28;
    15th May 1941: Führerreserve;
    16th November 1941: Kommandeur 68.Infanterie-Division;
    24th January 1943: Führerreserve;
    8th March 1943: Reichskriegsgericht;
    20th June 1943: Richter 4.Senat des Reichskriegsgerichts, Torgau;
    15th September 1944: Führerreserve;
    5th October 1944: Zentralgericht des Heeres;
    5th May 1945: POW NKWD-kampen Nr. 76 (1. Ukranian Front), Nr. 27 Krasnogorsk, Nr. 82 Voronež, Nr. 483 Degtjarka, Nr. 476 Sverdlovsk, special hospital 1893 Pervourals’k; prison Nr. 1 Voronež; GULAG-camp Vorkutinskij/Vorkuta;
    15th May 1949: cpondemned to 25 years hard labour by the tribunal in Voronež;
    8th August 1953: died of cancer, buried at the cemetery of the Special Hospital 1893, Pervourals’k, Plot 4, Grave12.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Oberst (Colonel)
    Awarded on:
    Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Oberst (Colonel)
    Awarded on:
    Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Generalleutnant (Major-general)
    Kommandeur 68.Infanterie-Division
    Awarded on:
    May 24th, 1943
    Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes