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Whitmore, George William Sheers

British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Police Constable
Metropolitan Police, British Police Forces, Home Office, British Government
Awarded on:
April 25th, 1941
"During an air raid a man and his wife were trapped in the basement of a three-storey house which had collapsed. Most of the debris was resting on the ceiling of the basement, part of which had fallen in. P.C. Whitmore, accompanied by War Reserve Gilbert and other officers arrived, and were joined by Mr. Hicks and the man was quickly freed.
In order to reach the woman, Whitmore, Hicks and Gilbert working together, burrowed with their bare hands. Piece by piece the debris was removed and handed back.
Whitmore directed and assisted his helpers to shore up the tunnel as they worked their way.
Several times masonry was dislodged but after a great effort they were able to reach the woman who was pinned down by a marble slab and an iron bar. With much difficulty these were removed and she was passed over the prone bodies of the men to officers at the other end of the tunnel.
During the time the three men were in the tunnel there was every likelihood of it collapsing and burying them under tops of debris. They were well aware of this but without any thought for their own safety, they worked on until the woman was released."

Simultaneously awarded to Ernest Gilbert and Henry Hicks.
George Medal