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Alyoshkin, Sergei Andreyevich

    Date of birth:
    Soviet (1922-1991, People's Republic)


    On September 8, 1942, Sergei 'Seryozha' Andreyevich Alyoshkin (according to some sources incorrectly 'Alyoshkov') was found at the age of six in a forest near Oryol by troops of the 142nd Guards Rifle Regiment. Seryozha's mother was a partizan, but was captured by the Gestapo, which subsequently murdered Seryozha's entire family. The boy managed to escape and tried to link up with the partizans, but couldn't find them. He wandered through the forest until he was found by Red Army troops. Seryozha was 'adopted' by the regiment and was involved in the Stalingrad battle. At one occasion the bunker with the regimental commander and a number of officers was hit during a bombardment. Seryozha was the only witness. Without hesitation he faced the explosions to get help. With the assistance a couple of soldiers the officers were pulled out. Seryozha helped wherever he could: he delivered ammunition, food and mail and sang songs. For his merits he received the Combat Merits Medal in April 1943. This made him probably the youngest soldier - or at least the youngest Soviet soldier - ever to receive an award. In 1944 Seryozha was sent to a Suvorov School in Tula.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    142 gvardeisky strelkovy polk 47 gvardeiskoi strelkovoi divizii (142nd Guards Rifle Regiment, 47th Guards Rifle Division)
    Awarded on:
    April 26th, 1943
    His citation reads: "[I award the Combat Merits Medal to] foster child of the regiment Sergei Andreyevich Alyoshkin, for the fact that he, during his period with the regiment since September 8, 1942, has covered a responsible operational period. On November 18, 1942, he was wounded. As a boy, he is always cheerful. He loves the regiment, the staff and everybody around him. With his cheerfulness and love for the unit and the people around him, he is able to inspire the men with vivacity and confidence in victory on extremely tough moments. Comrade Alyoshkin is the darling of the regiment."


    • - TsAMO, fond 33, opis 682526, delo 508, list 320-322
      - Mondvor