Beek, van der, Menke Koos

Date of birth:
November 23rd, 1918 (Baarlo, the Netherlands)
Date of death:
December 10th, 1944 (Renesse, the Netherlands)
Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
April 10th, 1953
He has distinguished himself in connection with hostile actions by brave and tactful conduct and having served the interests of the Kingdom as local commander of the O.D. in Zierikzee, where he played a leading role in the spring of 1944 after the flooding and partial evacuation of the islands of Schouwen and Duiveland. When in the Allies offered to take a number of underground workers off the island in December 1944, he was one of the chosen, based on his experiences as a former military. The enterprise failed twice however, the last time the returning members were apprehended by a German patrol and most of them were subsequently arrested, including Van der Beek. December 10th, he shared the fate of his companions as they were hanged in Renesse.
KB no 54 (posthumously)
Kruis van Verdienste (KV)