Berg, van den, Christiaan Frederik

Date of birth:
July 27th, 1901 (Arnhem, the Netherlands)
Date of death:
July 28th, 1943 (Leusderheide, the Netherlands)
Buried on:
Dutch War Graves (Rusthof)
Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Kapitein (Captain)
Awarded on:
September 11th, 1952
For having distinguished himself by especially courageous and tactful actions, having taken part in the resistance until his arrest in early March 1942. In particular, he has done ground breaking work as intelligence officer of an important resistance group and also as leader of a sabotage group. Furthermore, after having made contact with an agent-paratrooper sent from England in late December, he has together with this agent reconnoitered and mapped a dropzone for sabotage material, making it possible that in late February 1942, a sizable amount of material could be received. Furthermore he has provided this agent with a vast amount of military intelligence in addtion to a new part for his transmitter. He was arrested early March 1942 and was executed in 1943.
KB no 13 (posthumously)
Bronzen Leeuw (BL)