Wicke, Wolfhart

Date of birth:
September 25th, 1919 (Oberursel, Germany)
Date of death:
August 8th, 1944 (Falaise, France)
German (1933-1945, German Reich)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberleutnant der Reserve (1st Lieutenant of Reserves)
Chef, 5. Kompanie, II. Bataillon, Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 144, 3. Gebirgs-Division, Heer
Awarded on:
February 8th, 1943
On 25.12.1942 the Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 144 was encircled in Millerowo. On the 30.12.1942 launched their heaviest attack on the German positions to date.. Before Gruppe Kreysing (3rd Gebirgs-Division) broke out of the pocket Oberleutnant Wicke, in the north-west part of the encirclement, came under Soviet attack and managed to repulse it. But following this action Wicke decided to capitalize on the vulnerability of the attacking force and assembled a platoon for a counterattack. It was immensely successful, destroying a Soviet battalion and capturing 5 AT guns, 4 mortars, 10 MG and over 100 rifles and submachine guns. Several enemy field guns were also destroyed, and all of this was achieved without friendly losses. For his achievement this day Wicke would receive the Knight's Cross.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes