Gootjes, Cornelis

Date of birth:
March 28th, 1904 (Sint Pancras, the Netherlands)
Date of death:
March 29th, 1945 (Melk, Austria)
Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Dienstplichtig Soldaat (Enlisted Private)
Awarded on:
May 5th, 1953
For having distinguished himself in combat against the enemy by courageous and tactful conduct, serving the interests of the Kingdom during the years of occupation 1940 1945, as a member of the OD (Ordedienst) in District 8, Utrecht in the early years of the occupation. He became a courier and trusted advisor of the district commander and managed to obtain by illegally buying and importing a large number of pistols from a weapons dump in Belgium. The information he gathered as a spy was sent across the North Sea by a secret transmitter. He was arrested in May 1942 and passed away in March 1945 after three years of imprisonment.
Royal Decree number 61
Kruis van Verdienste (KV)