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Jenkins, Robert Brinley

British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Mechanical Maintenance Fitter
Royal Ordnance Factory, Ministry of Supply, British Government
Awarded on:
April 4th, 1944
"An explosion occurred at a factory. Fire broke out immediately and the building was filled by blinding smoke of a chemical origin. Another explosion followed quickly on the first. It wrecked the roof of the building and heavy beams fell in and large pieces of masonry were hurled from the walls and door arches. Jenkins, who was about fifty yards away, immediately ran to the wrecked and burning building and was the first man to enter. Firemen provided a water curtain which alone made this possible. Single-handed he rescued four men and later, with the help of others, recovered the body of a man buried under masonry and helped to carry it from the building. Only when he was satisfied that all casualties were out, did he actually get clear of the building. By his promptness in running to the rescue at the sound of the first explosion, his cool courage in groping his way into the building not only once, but again and again, and the speed with which he worked, Mr. Jenkins saved the lives of four men."
George Medal