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Dulles, Allen Welsh

Date of birth:
April 7th, 1893 (Watertown/New York, United States)
Date of death:
January 29th, 1969 (Washington, D.C., Verenigde Staten)
American (1776 - present, Republic)


1939-1945: OSS Chief in Switzerland
4 January - 23 August 1951: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Plans
23 August 1951 - 26 February 1953: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
26 February 1953 - 29 November 1961: Director of Central Intelligence

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Second World War (1939-1945)
OSS Station Chief
Station Bern, Office of Strategic Services (OSS), U.S. Government
Awarded on:
July 18th, 1946
"Within the first year of the war, Dulles and his staff established intelligence networks in Germany, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, and North Africa. He helped the Maquis in France develop their resistance operations and provided support to Italian partisan groups. Dulles also ran one of the single most important informants of the war: Fritz Kolbe, who worked in the German Foreign Office. Various governmental agencies valued his reports on bombing targets, troop movements, and Allied air raid damage. He also supplied some of the first reports on the experimental and testing site for the German rocket bomb in Peenemünde and the installation sites for the rocket bomb in Pas de Calais."
Medal for Merit
Director of Central Intelligence
Awarded on:
National Security Medal