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Cagna, Stefano

Date of birth:
December 25th, 1901 (Ormea, Italy)
Date of death:
August 1st, 1940 (At Malta)
Mentioned on:
Italian War Graves & Wall of Remembrance Orbetello
Italian (1860-1946, Kingdom)


May 1929: Captain
January 1931: Major
March 1933: Lieutenant Colonel
March 1939: Air Brigade General

Cagna is commemorated on a wall in Orbetello near the grave of Italo Balbo.

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Awarded on:
For a rescue mission of survivors of the "Italia" in the Artic.
Awarded on:
March 18th, 1933
For his part in the Decennial Air Cruise (Italian: Crociera aerea del Decennale).
Awarded on:
March 27th, 1933
Colonial Order of the Star of Italy - Commendatore
Second World War (1939-1945)
Generale di Brigata aerea (Air Brigade General)
"Having received very vague news and very imprecise indications about enemy naval movements in the western Mediterranean, he immediately departed on offensive reconnaissance and persisted with intelligent, passionate and tenacious initiative in the long search until he managed to spot the powerful enemy formation that was definitely attacking. He therefore scrambled all the planes of his brigade for an effective intervention. The audacity, the firmness of his decision and the contempt of danger were an inspiring example for his wingmen, who hit numerous ships of the enemy fleet and forced it to retreat. Balearics, 9 July 1940."
Medaglia d'argento al Valore Militare
Second World War (1939-1945)
Generale di Brigata aerea (Air Brigade General)
Awarded on:
August 21st, 1940
"He has twice flown across the Atlantic. A daring navigator through the ice of the pole and the deserts of Africa, a daredevil among daredevils. General Cagna fell in combat in the Mediterranean sky at the head of his victorious bombers, while plunging once again with an aggressive raid on the British fleet after he tormented and severely damaged it in a previous action. A shining example of supreme heroism. Mediterranean airspace, August 1, 1940 "

Posthumously awarded
Medaglia d'oro al Valore Militare