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Daffas, Robert Jean

Date of birth:
April 13th, 1908 (Auch - France)
Date of death:
May 8th, 1945 (Karlstein-Kugelbach, Germany)
Buried on:
German War Cemetery Schönau am Königssee
French (1870-present, Republic)


1929: conscript - 73e Régiment d'Artillerie - Lunéville
1936: civilian employee - Army post office in Levant
09.1939: appointed to the 29e Escadron du Train - west of Damascus
29.11.1941: joined as adjudant the Stab./ III./ 638.IR - LVF
11.1942: promoted adjudant-chef - anti-partisan fightings - East Front
12.12.1942: on leave in Paris
16.01.1943: back to Russia
03.1943: appointed to Ib III./ 638.IR - LVF
14.09.1943: on leave in France
06.1944: promoted to sous-lieutenant (Leutnant)
09.1944: transferred to the Waffen SS - Waffen Art.Abt. der SS Nr.33
26.02.1945: in Neustettin/Pomerania - Cdr 105mm Art.Abt. der SS Nr.33
Rear-gard fightings in Kolberg to defend the harbour
Evacuated by boat to Wildflecken
Captured by the US near Berchtesgaden and handed over to the French 2nd Armored Division led by general Leclerc
08.05.1945: executed with 12 other French SS men ivo Karlstein-Kugelbach

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberfeldwebel (Warrant Officer)
III./ 638.IR - LVF
Awarded on:
September 1st, 1943
Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2.Klasse mit Schwertern