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Archibald, Francis James Moffat

Date of birth:
Date of death:
Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
“E” Troop, 17th Canadian Field Regiment RCA, 5th Canadian (Armoured) Division, Canadian Army
Awarded on:
September 2nd, 1944
"On the 21st May 1944, the gun position of “E” Troop, 17th Canadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, situated midway between Ponte­corvo and Acquino, was being subjected to very heavy shelling by the enemy. At one time several shells landed at once in the vicinity of Lieutenant Archibald, one of which buried him and another killed three men, mortally wounded a fourth, and seriously wounded four others.

This officer immediately extricated himself from the debris and despite the continuous shelling, organized the evacuation of the wounded and personally pulled out the ammunition from a burning trailer, thus preventing another explosion and further loss of life. Although suffering from severe burns, Lieutenant Archibald realized that the regiment was taking an essential part in the divisional artillery program and that it was necessary, therefore, for every possible gun to be in action in order to obtain the desired fire effect. Disregarding his personal safety entirely, he reorganized his troop and with great initiative and determination caused his guns to continue firing, despite the continuous shelling. His calmness and confidence combined with his inspired leadership were of considerable assistance to the results obtained by the supporting fire of the unit and the subsequent success of the 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade."
Military Cross (MC)