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Rodgers, Alma

Service number:
Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
No. 408 (Goose) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
Awarded on:
August 6th, 1943
"Sergeant Rodgers has carried out five sorties against heavy enemy defences.
"On the night of the 9th July 1943, while over Gelsenkirchen, Germany, the aircraft in which Sergeant Rodgers was Wireless Operator/Air Gunner was hit by eight incendiary bombs. He immediately, without word from the captain, proceeded back to the rest position where an incendiary had caught fire and had got a firm hold. Sergeant Rodgers played extinguishers on the fire until it was fairly well under control, when with the aid of the bomb aimer and flight engineer, he was able to stamp out with his feet the remaining fire.
"Sergeant Rodgers displayed exceptional coolness and courage, so saving his aircraft and other members of his crew from a perilous situation."
LG citation:
"This officer and airman were pilot and wireless operator respectively of an aircraft detailed to attack Gelsenkirchen. Whilst over the target area the bomber was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Some stores caught fire and burned furiously. Coolly and resourcefully, Flying Officer Bennett dived his aircraft and the force of the wind put out the flames on the burning fabric. Meantime, acting with great promptitude, Sergeant Rodgers fought the flames inside the bomber with the extinguishers. By these means he succeeded in subduing the fire sufficiently so that he and two other members of the crew were able to stamp out the fire with their feet Although much equipment including the hydraulic systems were rendered unserviceable, Flying Officer Bennett flew the damaged bomber to an airfield in this country and landed it safely. His skill and resource were worthy of high praise, while Sergeant Rodgers displayed commendable promptitude and initiative."
Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)