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Netherlands, the (1815-present, Kingdom)

Spotlighted out of 10.949 persons in the database

Verbunt, Henricus Arnoldus Adrianus Petrus* December 16th, 1909
May 26th, 1944

Aalst, van, Geert* November 17th, 1916
October 24th, 1999

Aarsen, Willem* April 17th, 1903
June 14th, 1957

Grid List
A-Tjak, Marcel Gerardus* July 18th, 1917

Aa, Bernard* November 11th, 1915
August 12th, 2000

Aa, van der, Anna* May 4th, 1904
September 29th, 1943

Aa, van der, H.M.* October 27th, 1913

Aalbers, Petrus J.* November 2nd, 1913

Aalberts, Jacobus J.* April 19th, 1921

Aalberts, John A.* March 30th, 1925

Aalbertsberg, Gerard* February 17th, 1908
April 6th, 1978

Aaldenberg, Lammert* May 11th, 1909

Aalderen, van, Albert* September 26th, 1892

Aalderen, van, Herman Jan* October 4th, 1886
May 31st, 1945

Aalderen, van, Johannes "Jos"* February 18th, 1909
July 27th, 1988

Aalderen-Koster, van, Jantje* May 29th, 1896
January 11th, 1967

Aaldering, Everhardus H.* March 19th, 1881

Aaldering, Gerhardus T.J.* January 2nd, 1923

Aaldering, Henricus J.M.* February 14th, 1925

Aaldering, Theodorus H.* July 31st, 1916

Aalders, Gerhard C.* October 1st, 1912

Aalhuizen, Antoon Laurens* June 10th, 1923
September 23rd, 1982

Aalst, van, Auke Karel* September 17th, 1909

Aalst, van, Geert* November 17th, 1916
October 24th, 1999

Aalst, van, Gerrit* December 12th, 1907

Aalst, van, Johannes A.* August 17th, 1919

Aalst, van, Johannes Danil* November 19th, 1914

Aalst, van, Jozeph M.A.* April 11th, 1910

Aalst, van, Theodorus Aloysius P.* December 31st, 1912

Aangeenbrug, Willem* April 23rd, 1915

Aangeenbrug, Willem W.* February 19th, 1922

Aanholt, van, Wilhelmus M.S.K.* December 17th, 1912

Aantjes, Jan* August 5th, 1920

Aar, van der, Everadus* February 6th, 1914
September 18th, 1944

Aar, van der, Theodora* November 11th, 1909
October 3rd, 1997

Aar, van der, Victor* March 26th, 1910
August 29th, 1987

Aardema, Attje* July 19th, 1914
July 12th, 2003

Aardema, Pieter* May 8th, 1923

Aarden, Johannes M.* August 15th, 1914

Aardoom, Alphons J.P.* April 12th, 1906

Aarem, van, Robbert "Bob"* August 14th, 1917

Aarnoutse, Alphons J.P.* May 21st, 1920

Aarsen, Jan* April 30th, 1896
October 30th, 1986

Aarsen, Willem* April 17th, 1903
June 14th, 1957

Aarsman, Hendrikus G.* May 19th, 1911

Aarst, van, Jacob* April 17th, 1907

Aart, van, Marinus A.A.* August 23rd, 1910

Aarts, Freddy* March 29th, 1913

Aarts, Gijsbertus* January 29th, 1916

Aarts, Johan J.H.* January 21st, 1907

Aarts, Johannes C.* April 9th, 1914

Aarts, Petrus Johannes* May 9th, 1913

Aarts-Wolf, Reina* November 28th, 1913

Aartsen, Teddy* June 20th, 1925
November 13th, 2010

Abas - Acohen, Reina* January 5th, 1908

Abas, Rudolf* July 17th, 1918
May 16th, 1944

Abbenbroek, Anton Willem Marie* December 9th, 1917
July 29th, 1943

Abbenbroek, Teunis J.* March 16th, 1890

Abbink, Benny Eric* October 10th, 1920
March 22nd, 2008

Abbink, Herman* March 26th, 1906

Abbink, Johannes "Joop"* October 1st, 1916
November 8th, 2013

Abbink-Roelofs, Dina T.* January 31st, 1925

Abbring, Simon* September 14th, 1919

Abcouwer, Albertus* February 11th, 1925

Abell, Louis Felix* February 21st, 1914

Abeln, Albertus J.L.* April 3rd, 1909

Abels, Jacob* April 14th, 1922

Aben, Marinus A.* June 17th, 1922

Aben, Peter J.* May 12th, 1885

Aben, Peter Johannes Cornelis "Cor"* April 1st, 1919
July 13th, 2012

Aben-Fleurkens, Maria L.* December 12th, 1888

Abercrombie, Dirk J.* May 18th, 1918

Abercrombie, Lourens* April 4th, 1920

Aberkrom, Cornelis* March 19th, 1910
December 20th, 1997

Aberkrom, Jan* October 10th, 1924

Aberson, Daniel F.W.* December 2nd, 1913

Abma, Karel H.G.* March 29th, 1914

Abma, Klaas* September 9th, 1901

Abraham, Carel* August 1st, 1909
February 15th, 1943
Plot: E Grave: 155

Abrahams, Petrus J.* November 6th, 1922

Abrahams-Wijnen, Berta* March 10th, 1919

Abspoel, Jan Jacobus* December 4th, 1907
July 20th, 1974

Acda, Hendrik A.* September 2nd, 1920
April 20th, 2008

Acda, Marinus* February 13th, 1922
December 14th, 2003

Achterberg, Elis C.* October 27th, 1907
March 6th, 1945

Achterberg, Hendrikus G.* January 16th, 1920

Achterberg, Willem* July 7th, 1923

Achterberg-Lagerwey, Neeltje* December 16th, 1926

Achterbergh, Henri P.A.* February 27th, 1911

Achterkamp, Johannes M.* January 26th, 1919

Acker, Gerrit* February 23rd, 1918

Acker, van, Petrus E.J.* March 30th, 1920

Ackermann, Jacob* June 27th, 1911
March 7th, 2002

Ackerstaff, Bob A.G.* June 13th, 1918

Adam, J.P.* July 5th, 1921
March 5th, 1996

Addink, Willem A.* September 12th, 1917

Addink-Kronenburg, Antje* February 15th, 1917

Adema, Siebolt* June 29th, 1904
November 14th, 1993

Ader, Bastiaan Jan* December 29th, 1912
November 20th, 1944
Plot: E Grave: 52

Ader, Jan Bastiaan* August 7th, 1901
July 10th, 1983

Ader-Appels, Johanna Adriana* May 9th, 1906
July 31st, 1994

Adjoen "Pang Linggan" July 17th, 1945

Admiraal, Adam* May 13th, 1925
September 11th, 2011

Admiraal, Gijsbertus* May 6th, 1899

Admiraal, Jacob* July 20th, 1897

Admiraal, Jan* February 28th, 1902
August 28th, 1957

Admiraal, Jan W.* September 30th, 1919

Admiraal-Meijer, Berendien* January 18th, 1908
January 29th, 1992

Admiraal-van de Put, Berendina* May 20th, 1903
August 13th, 1985

Adriaanse, Jan* October 27th, 1923
December 17th, 1959

Adriaansen, Josephus "Sjef"* June 9th, 1919
August 8th, 1944

Adriaansen, Lambertus W.* August 28th, 1922
November 15th, 1975

Adriaens, Karel W.* July 1st, 1925

Adriani, Paulus Lambertus Grimmius "Paul"* January 17th, 1914
February 11th, 1942

Adrichem Boogaert, van, Hendrik Albert N. A., Jhr.* December 29th, 1903
April 16th, 1972

Adrichem, Johannes A.* April 13th, 1919

Aernout, William Otto Pierre Regina* September 16th, 1909
September 19th, 1993

Aertsen, Servaas Klaas* January 26th, 1922
December 25th, 1993

Affolter-van de Montel, Louise H.* February 2nd, 1926

Afman, Johan Hendrik* January 16th, 1906

Agerbeek, Jacques Rola* March 21st, 1880
August 17th, 1942

Ages, Alard B.* October 8th, 1924
August 10th, 2011

Agteres, Albert* September 13th, 1919
February 9th, 1989

Agtmaal, van, Johannes P.L.* February 23rd, 1927

Ahlberg, Frietjof Alfred* April 1st, 1912

Ahout, Wilhelmus Jacobus Josephus Theodorus* August 16th, 1921
January 22nd, 2010

Aken, van, Lambertus J.* December 31st, 1904

Aken, van, Lodewijk Cornelis* April 2nd, 1913
December 12th, 1987

Aken, van, Philippus E.* April 26th, 1884

Aken-Renssen, van, Amalia* February 3rd, 1890

Aker, van den, Petrus A.J.* January 9th, 1918

Akker, van den, Adrianus* February 29th, 1920

Akker, van den, Albertus L.* December 31st, 1920

Akker, van den, Gerdina W.* December 11th, 1924

Akker, van den, Jacob* September 9th, 1914

Akker, van den, Johannes C.* December 22nd, 1911

Akker, van den, Klaas* May 21st, 1919
May 28th, 1985

Akker, van den, Louis* April 10th, 1917
April 23rd, 1973

Akker, van den, Pieter* June 24th, 1918

Akkerman, Jan-Willem* July 1st, 1899
March 18th, 1945

Akkerman, Karel* November 6th, 1910
September 18th, 1986

Akkerman, Klaas T.* December 3rd, 1918
November 11th, 1987

Akkermans, Louis Prosper Ferdinand Johannes* January 23rd, 1905
March 29th, 1999

Akse, Hendrik* July 2nd, 1919
April 8th, 1945
Plot: M Grave: 387

Al - d'Aubioul, Paula M.M.* August 12th, 1926

Al, Maria* November 14th, 1920

Albach, Jan Philip* December 19th, 1903
May 12th, 1940
Plot: C Row: I Grave: 166

Albarda, Johan Willem* June 5th, 1877
April 19th, 1957

Alberda, Ate* March 22nd, 1909

Albers - Voorhorst, Anna M.* August 5th, 1925

Albers Pistorius, Franois Jules Willy Alphonsus* July 23rd, 1913
July 8th, 1981

Albers, Derk H.* February 18th, 1923

Albers, Dirk J.* June 18th, 1915

Albers, Hendrik W.* October 27th, 1899

Albers, Johannes P.* October 4th, 1913

Albers, Wilhelmus A.* October 20th, 1911

Alberts, Jan Stoffer* June 11th, 1904

Alberts, Pieter* July 5th, 1918
December 5th, 1991

Alblas, Aart* April 13th, 1920

Alblas, Aart Hendrik "Aramis"* September 20th, 1918
September 7th, 1944

Alblas, Gerrit* August 13th, 1916

Albrecht - Hurks, Brigitta M.* November 24th, 1898

Albrecht, Jan* February 14th, 1897

Alburg, Machiel* May 24th, 1905

Aldendorff, Gerardus W.* August 3rd, 1914

Aldenkamp, Marinus Jan* July 10th, 1910
October 14th, 1981

Alderding, Jacobus* May 12th, 1921

Alebeek, van, Joseph Lodewijk Theodorus* March 23rd, 1916
May 13th, 1990

Alebeek, van, Marinus W.* July 24th, 1919

Aleman, Cornelis* April 3rd, 1917

Alenson, Jacobus* February 9th, 1914
December 22nd, 2002

Alers, George Adrianus* June 16th, 1919
May 10th, 1940
Plot: Ereplaats 

Alewijk, van, Dirk Cornelis* August 4th, 1894
June 27th, 1976

Alexander, Ferdinand J.* May 22nd, 1914

Alfen, van, Lamert* March 25th, 1911

Alferink, Hermannus W.* December 29th, 1905

Alferink, Hermanus A.* July 9th, 1910
April 2nd, 2007

Algra, Douwe S.* August 28th, 1900
May 19th, 1975

Algra, Eelke* April 9th, 1915
December 6th, 1986

Aliet, Hendrik* August 20th, 1912
March 29th, 1983

Alink, Wilhelmus* March 24th, 1922

Alkema, Tjomme* March 19th, 1920
July 30th, 1993

Allers, Francisca M.I.* April 11th, 1920
January 23rd, 2002

Allers, Johannes H.K.* December 18th, 1878

Allewijn, Pieter* June 1st, 1919

Alma, Jacobus J.P.* January 1st, 1910

Almekinders, Gilles* March 9th, 1918

Alons, Wicher* June 26th, 1899
August 29th, 1991

Alphen, van, Adrianus* January 9th, 1903

Alphen, van, Johannes J.* February 7th, 1920

Alphen, van, Nicolaas* September 1st, 1919

Alphen, van, Wilhelm A.C.* July 24th, 1921
May 10th, 1994

Alphen, van, Willem* December 16th, 1898

Alphen, van, Willem J.* June 25th, 1915

Alphen-van Beusekom, van, Dina* November 17th, 1901
November 3rd, 1993

Alsem, Gerardus Engelbertus Pius (Gerard)* September 25th, 1908
January 29th, 1981

Alssema, Derk* April 12th, 1925

Alstede, Paulus Simon* June 20th, 1906
February 27th, 1942

Alten, van, Jan Pieter* October 9th, 1921
July 9th, 2015

Altena, Jan M.* July 29th, 1889

Altena, van, Arnoldus* April 16th, 1910
February 28th, 1980

Altena, van, Jacob* December 22nd, 1923

Altena, van, Jan* October 26th, 1918
September 9th, 1998

Altena, Willebrordus M.* November 29th, 1918
May 15th, 1985

Altenburg, Sieberen* April 11th, 1922

Alteren, van, Wiebe* March 20th, 1923
January 20th, 1945
Plot: A Grave: 759

Althoff, Adrianus A.F.* September 12th, 1904
July 29th, 1943

Althuis, Jan J.* July 6th, 1907

Althuisius, Gerardus* May 29th, 1915

Alting du Cloux, Ren Philippe* December 21st, 1915
June 2nd, 1978

Alting, Hein Frederik Gerard* February 2nd, 1917

Altman-de Moet, Lena Cornelia (Corrie)* September 1st, 1911
April 24th, 1996

Amama, Johan E.* June 28th, 1900

Ambrosius, Piet* May 27th, 1913

Ament, Cornelis Carolus* March 29th, 1896
September 23rd, 1943
Plot: II Grave: 93/94

Amerika, Antonie Martinus* November 8th, 1924
October 8th, 2010