War Museum Overloon

As from the year 2006 War Museum Overloon in Overloon consists of two museums:
- Dutch National War and Resistance Museum;
- Marshall Museum.

Dutch National War and Resistance Museum
War belongs in the museum. That is the motto of the Dutch National War and Resistance Museum. In the National War and Resistance Museum, the history of the Second World War is presented. Here, you will see how it came to be that, in a period of five years, more than fifty million people lost their lives. But also how the oppressed population managed to cope with restrictions and shortages in a resourceful way. Attention is given to the resistance in those days, but also to the persecution. And finally, of course, to the liberation, with special attention to the Battle at Overloon.

Marshall Museum
In a space of more than 10,000 square metres there are more than 150 historical vehicles, vessels and aircraft, which provide an excellent overview of the military efforts during the Second World War. You will find layouts that provide you with a picture of the invasion in Normandy on D-Day and also of the Battle at Arnhem and the Battle in the Ardennes.

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