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Soviet War Cemetery Rossoschka

This Soviet war cemetery is set up for bringing Soviet war graves from the Second World War of this region together. By 2007, there were 11,618 Soviet soldiers and officers buried here in 15 mass graves and 182 individual graves. Their numbers are still growing each year. The following text can be read at the entrance of the cemetery:

"This war cemetery stands on the spot where the villages Little Rossoschka and Big Rossoschka (established in the 60's of the 19th century) were destroyed by the war in 1942. The earth under your feet is soked with the blood of ten thousands of soldiers and innocent citizens. They whisper now:"

"We died in those terrible hours. We were not granted to live in the light. Live! You will remember us! Let the everlasting peace stay on the planet."

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  • Text: Kaj Metz
  • Photos: Auke de Vlieger

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