Atlantikwall - Regelbau 686

This Regelbau 686 was part of Stützpunkt Stauning.

At Stauning (DK) there is a gun bunker of the Type R686, which was equipped with a 19.4 cm gun intended to defend against an invasion on the North Sea beaches between Nymindegab and Hourvig and to defend the in-between harbor of Hvide Sande.

This bunker is surrounded by various other bunkers such as a beobachtungsbunker and a mannschaftsbunker R621.

Behind the R686 bunker is another concrete street that runs to various other bunkers such as ammunition bunkers, MG bunkers and mannschaftsbunkers.

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  • Text: Coen Steenbeeke & Kaj Metz
  • Photos: Coen Steenbeeke