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Belgian War Graves Braine-Le-Château

Memorial on the cemetery of Braine-Le-Château to remember the deported of the First World War. It contains the graves of twelve deported : Parvais Maurice 1896-1917, Duhoux Maurice 1894-1917, Parmentier Felicien 1886-1917, Vanhoucke Seraphin 1872-1917, Overputte Jules 1872-1917, Parvais Joseph 1876-1917, Dedoobeleer Victor 1866-1917, Cheraille Achille 1881-1917, Meerts Joseph 1886-1917, Devos Fernand 1899-1917, Testaert Emile 1867-1917, Lepoivre Isidore 1869-1917.

The cemetery of Braine-Le-Château contains one Belgian burial of the Second World War.

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