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Resistance Memorial Bamberg

This memorial is located between Harmonie Garten and the E.T.A.-Hoffmann theater. It is next to Café Luitpold.

The theme of this resistance memorial is islands of character in a deluge/flood of brown. It honors three Bamberg men who died resisting National Socialism.
The memorial consists of three bronze busts, each mounted atop a 1.6 meter wooden column. Each column stands on a brown base, into which a plaque is installed.

* Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, 15 November 1907. Resistance out of moral conviction. Summarily executed in Berlin, 21 July 1944.
* Willy Aron, 03 June 1907. Resistance from socialist conviction. Beaten to death in Dachau concentration camp, 19 May 1933.
* Hans Wölfel, March 30, 1902. Resistance from Christian conviction. Beheaded in Brandenburg Havel.

There are also stolpersteine for these three men in Bamberg: one for Claus Schenk Graf v. Stauffenberg is at Schützenstraße 20, one for Willy Aron is at Luitpoldstraße 32 and one for Hans Wölfel is at Luitpoldstraße 16.

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