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Jewish Memorial General Cemetery Valkenburg

On Valkenburg General Cemetery you can find a memorial with the inscription of the names of the Jewish residents of Valkenburg who never returned from the concentration camps.

On 11 September 1955 this memorial stone was placed on the Jewish cemetry near the Cauberg commemorating the deported and deceased Jewish inhabitants of Valkenburg. Jan Diederen writes in the book „42 Jewish people of Valkenburg were rounded up and killed": „Not all records are correct. For example Erna Benedik was not deported from Valkenburg but from Amsterdam together with her husband Theo Sachman. The widow Henriëtte Hertog-Berlin has survived the war and died a natural death. The name Jacq. Hannef has not only been spelled incorrectly - it should be Jacob Hanft — but he did not live in Valkenburg but in Dolberg near Klimmen. It is confusing that all married women are mentioned with their husband's names and not also their maiden names. Also the victims Eva Cok de Wilde and Alice Gebhart-Rosenwald, which were also deported from Valkenburg were not mentioned on this memorial stone." In the above-mentioned book (ISBN 978-90-805499-3-7) you can find the correct and more extensive data in the ‘Valkenburg’ and ‘Benedik’ tables.

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  • Text: Sebastiaan Vonk
  • Photos: Arnold Schunck