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Splitterschutzraum Felsennest Sperkreis 2

The FHQ Felsennest was divided into two safety zones.Sperkreis 1 and Sperkreis 2.

The remains of Sperkreis 2 are still in fairly original condition. Two so-called Splitterschutzraum are still present; shelters for the guard posts.

The first is at the parking lot and looks like a kind of small forester's house, but when you get closer there is an unusual door in the "house". This is apparently door type 434 PO 1 with a weight of 640 kilograms. A little further on the left is the second Splitterschutzraum.

Accessible by car by driving to the parking lot on the Effelsbergerweg in Bad Munstereifel.

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  • Text: Adri Kramer
  • Photos: Adri Kramer