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Liberation Route Location 7 - The Air War 1940-45

During the Second World War, the Netherlands was the scene of frequent airplanes flying over. Bombers and combat aircraft on their way to Germany and back to their bases in England. But also German bombers who flew to and from their targets in England.

It was a deadly cat and mouse game that became increasingly sophisticated with the development of technology. The result of this was numerous battles between German fighters and Allied bombers and fighters who flew in for protection.

In the spring of 1940, British bombers were mainly deployed in German airspace at night to bomb. The aim was to destroy military installations and important infrastructure. Later in the war they received support from the US Air Force. In defense, the Germans used airports with (night) hunters, anti-aircraft batteries, searchlights and radar stations.

As the war progressed, the cities also suffered. Not only soldiers, but also civilians now ran the risk of becoming a victim of the bombing.

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  • Text: Bevrijding Nederweert, Niek Hendrix en Jermain Nichols
  • Photos: Bevrijding Nederweert

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