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Museum of the Partisan Glory - Odessa Catacombs

The Odessa catacombs are an estimated 2,500 kilometres of labyrinths stretching out under the city and surrounding region of Odessa. The majority of the catacombs are the result of stone mining. Shortly after the siege of Odessa (1941), a number of Soviet soldiers and citizens escaped a certain dead by falling back into the catacombs. From here, they continued their resistance against fascism.

The museum of the Partisan Glory:
Only one small portion of the catacombs is open to the public, within the "Museum of Partisan Glory" in Nerubayskoye, north of Odessa. This museum informs about the fighting that took place within the catacombs and the daily live of those partisans who fought there.

For current visiting hours, please contact the museum.

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